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Fighting-Civil War

Resources compared, strategies, turning points, vocabulary

The northern strategy to win the war was called the Anaconda Plan
What huge advantage did the north have in implementing their war plan? the Union side had a navy.
The first part of the northern war plan was to ____________ the southern coast. blockade
The north planned to use their navy to attack along southern rivers
The south hoped to get access to war materials from Europe by using fast ships called blockade runners
The south attempted to break the northern blockade by building a(n) ________________ ship. ironclad
The Monitor vs. the Merrimack was the first battle between ironclad ships.
What effect did the battle between the Monitor and the Merrimack have on other navies of the world? They all became obsolete immediately.
The (northern) Army of the Potomac fought under a series of commanders against the (southern) Army of Northern Virginia under R.E.Lee in the northern, _______________________ campaign. "On to Richmond"
Considering the goal of each side, which region, north or south, had an easier task to accomplish their war goals? the south
The year that the Civil War began was 1861
The year that the Civil War ended was 1865
The act of southern states leaving the Union to form their own country is called secession
The President of the United States during the Civil War Abraham Lincoln
The nickname Southerners gave to the Union soldiers Yankees
The nickname given to Southern soldiers Rebels
Located in Virginia, this was the capital of the Confederate States Richmond
The first state to secede from the Union in December 1860 South Carolina
Name 2 economic strengths of the North more manufacturing, better railroad system, more money,
Name 2 strengths of the South better military leadership, fighting on the defensive, psychological factors
What was the first African-American Regiment of troops? the 54th Massachusetts
The south hoped to break the northern blockade with help from what countries? Britain and/or France
The south hoped help would come from Europe because of their need for southern cotton
Robert E. Lee's strategy to win the war included this plan which led to the battles of Antietam and Gettysburg. offensive defensive
The Battle of Antietam led Lincoln to publish the Emancipation Proclamation
What groups of slaves were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation none
What important goal was added to the Union cause by the Emancipation Proclamation fighting the war to end slavery
Adding the end of slavery to the war goals of the Union kept Britain from assisting the South because in Britain, slavery was illegal and was viewed as immoral
The Emancipation Proclamation hurt the south because it encouraged southern slaves to run away to northern armies for protection
The Emancipation Proclamation hurt the south because it encouraged African-Americans in the north to join the Union army
The turning point of the war occurred in the month and year July, 1863
Union control of the Mississippi would accomplish what important Union war goal? cutting the Confederacy in half
The Union gained control of all the Mississippi River when they took the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi
The name of the other Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi that Mr. Warren couldn't remember on Friday was called Port Hudson
What two engagements ended with Union victories that were the turning point of the war Vicksburg and Gettysburg
Lee's second invasion of the North ended in the battle of Gettysburg
Lee's invasions of the North were to accomplish what two goals allow the South to recover from war damage and frighten the North into giving up the fight
The Army of the Potomac was finally able to defeat the Army of Northern Virginia when this general was put into command US Grant
Probably the worst major southern general of the war was a North Carolinian by the name of Braxton Bragg
Grant was able to beat Lee's army by fighting battles of attrition
After Vicksburg, the Union goal in the West was to capture Atlanta
The Union campaign to capture Atlanta was led by General William Tecumseh Sherman
The Confederate defense of Atlanta was led by General Joseph E. Johnston
After taking Atlanta, Sherman's army began its March to the Sea
Sherman's march to the sea took his army from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia
From Savannah, GA., Sherman's army marched into South Carolina
Sherman's army was very destructive in South Carolina because South Carolina was responsible for the beginning of secession.
After marching through Sough Carolina, Sherman's army marched into North Carolina
Sherman's army behaved better in North Carolina because that state had a reputation for being reasonable and reluctant to secede.
After taking Richmond, Grant chased Lee's army and caught it here where Lee surrendered. Appomattox Courthouse
The final surrender of the war took place at the Bennet House in _________ when Johnston surrendered all Confederate troops to General Sherman Durham, NC
On April 14, 1865, President Lincoln was assassinated by this Confederate sympathizer. John Wilkes Booth
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