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Anatomy Test 2

The function of the carotid sinus is to regulate blood pressure
The dorsal nasal branch of the opthalmic artery anastomoses with the ___ branch of the facial artery angular
The ___ of the opthalmic artery anastomoses with the angular branch of the facial artery dorsal nasal branch
Arteries providing blood to the palatine tonsiles facial (ascending palatine & tonsillar), lingual (dorsal lingual), ascending pharyngeal (palatine)
Branch of the maxillary artery that does through foramen spinosum middle meningial
4 portions of the internal carotid artery cervical, petrous, cavernous, cerebral
2 vessels that contribute to Circle of Willis internal carotid artery and basilar artery
Borders of Carotid Triangle Posterior belly of digastric, superior belly of omohyoid, and SCM
Retromandibular vein drains into external jugular vein and common facial vein
Path of blood from superior edge od falx cerebri to IJV superior sagital sinus -> confluence of sinuses -> transverse sinus -> sigmoid sinus
Muscle that retracts and elevates tongue styloglossus
Depression just anterior to upper edge of epiglottis valleculae
Superior and Inferior borders of the larynx hyoid bone/ C3 to thyroid cartilage/C4/5
Constrictions of the esophagus cricoid cartilage, left primary bronchus, arch of aorta, esophageal hiatus in diaphragm
Part of stomach superior to cardiac sphincter fundus
The major duodenal papilla is opens into descending portion of the duodenum
The duodenal/jejunal junction is held in place by ligament of Treitz / suspensory ligament
What parts of the large intestine are retroperitoneal? Ascending and descending colon, upper rectum
Longitudinal smooth muscle layers along colon taeniae coli
2 parts of the lesser omentum hepatogastic ligament, hepatoduodenal ligament
Lobe of liver anterior to porta hepatis, between fossa for gall bladder and fissure for ligamentum teres quadrate lobe
Structures entering and leaving through porta hepatis proper hepatic artery, portal vein, common bile duct
Tail of the pancreas extends into the splenorenal ligament
What makes up the biliary tree? R & L hepatic into common hepatic, + cystic, into common bile duct
Vertical fold extending from inferior surface of tongue to floor of mouth lingual frenulum
Salivary gland just anterior to the ear parotid gland
3 anatomical parts of tooth crown, neck, tooth
Branches of the celiac trunk splenic a, L gastrica, common hepatic a
Anterior inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery is a branch of the superior mesentertic artery
Arterial blood supply to the cecum ileocecal a
Vertebra level of bifurcation of the aorta L4
Terminal branches of the aorta common iliac and middle/median sacral
__ is the terminal branch of inferior mesentary, forms an anastomosis with the middle and inferior rectal arteries superior rectal artery
2 major tributaries of the portal vein spenic vein and superior mesenteric vein
L gonadal vein drains into L renal vein
Areas of portal-caval anastomosis supr rectalv (P) w/middle & inf rectal vv (C), thoracis esophageal vv w/ abdominal esophageal vv
Superior gluteal artery is a a branch of posterior trunk of internal iliac artery
Obturator artery is a branch of anterior trunk of the internal iliac artery
Inferior gluteal artery leaves the pelvis through greater sciatic notch/foramen
Arteries of cruciate anastomosis lateral and medial femoral circumflex arteries, first perforating branch of profunda femoris, inferior gluteal artery
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