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Aftermath of WWI

Versailles, League of Nations, Weimar, Red Scare, Lost Generation, New Nations

What empires were dismembered as a result of WWI? Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, Russian
What important new nation was created from territory taken from Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia? Poland
The Baltic States were created from territory taken from _________ Russia
Although Russia gave up lots of territory in their treaty with Germany they were able to regain this important region that is in conflict today. Ukraine
What Middle East countries, partly because of borders drawn by the French and British, are in conflict today? Iraq and Syria
At the end of WWI, the monarchy in Germany was replaced by what kind of government? A Republic
At the end of WWI, the monarchy in Russia was replaced by what kind of government? Communist
in contrast with earlier European wars, WWI was the first ________________ which required the entire nation to be directed to the goal of winning the war. Total war
After WWI, most governments continued to try to control the attitudes of their citizens by the use of propaganda
The League of Nations was the idea of _____________, the American President. Woodrow Wilson
After WWI the US Congress voted not to join the League of Nations because they followed this policy to avoid involvement in European conflicts. Isolationism
What are two countries that were not allowed to join the League of Nations? Germany and Russia
The League of Nations failed because it had no real power to control nations and because Germany, Russia, and the US were not members
The Lost Generation refers to young adults b/t 18 and 30 who were killed in WWI and the influenza epidemic that followed
Total casualties from WWI were at least 16 million
Total deaths from the influenza epidemic of 1918-1919 might have been as many as 50 million
The Treaty of Versailles restricted the size of the German army to 100,000 men
The Treaty of Versailles prohibited the German military from possessing tanks, planes and submarines
The Spanish Flu epidemic first showed up in an army camp in what country? US
The Spanish Flu spread especially quickly due to this event WWI
The German army's explanation for losing WWI was the stab in the back
Many Germans blamed their loss of WWI on these two groups Jews and Communists
The German Republic formed after WWI was called the Weimar Republic
The Weimar Republic was blamed for many of Germany's problems because it had signed the Versailles Treaty
The Weimar government paid reparations by simply printing more German Marks which led to inflation
When the prices for all goods rise at an ever accelerating pace it is called hyperinflation
One way Germans adapted to hyperinflation was by bartering
Another way Germans adapted to hyperinflation was by getting paid daily before the value of their pay evaporated
One way the German government adapted to hyperinflation was to print larger denominations of bills
Another way Germans adapted to hyperinflation was by burn money instead of wood or coal for heat
One way that German retailers adapted to hyperinflation was to weigh stacks of money from customers rather than counting it
In any nation, the currency is only valuable because people believe that it is valuable
Because the Federal government stopped buying large quantities of food and because European farmers returned to production after the war, ________ prices in the US dropped. crop
During WWI, many good jobs in the US had been filled by women or African-American Men
Tensions between returning veterans and African Americans over jobs led to ____________ in many cities. race riots
Workers, who had not had a raise in years, fought for better wages by staging strikes
Fears in the US about revolutionaries and radicals became known as the Red Scare
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