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Prefixes - Medical

Commonly Used Prefixes in Medical Terminology (Booth, 5e; Appendix I)

a-, an- without, not
ab- from, away
ad- to, toward
ambi-, amph-, amphi- both, on both sides, around
ante- before
antero- in front of
anti- against, opposing
auto- self
bi twice, double
brachy- short
brady- slow
cata- down, lower, under
centi- hundred
cephal- head
chol-, chole-, cholo- gall
chromo- color
circum- around
co-, com-, con- together, with
contra- against
cryo- cold
de- down, from
deca- ten
deci- tenth
demi- half
dextro- to the right
di- double, twice
dia- through, apart, between
dipla-, diplo- double, twin
dis- apart, away from
dys- difficult, painful, bad, abnormal
e-, ec-, ecto- away, from, without, outside
em-, en- in, into, inside
endo- within, inside
ento- within, inner
epi- on, above
erythro- red
eu- good
ex-, exo- outside of, beyond, without
extra- outside of, beyond, in addition
fore- before, in front of
gyn-, gyno-, gyne-, gyneco- woman, female
hemi- half
hetero- other, unlike
homeo-, homo- same, like
hyper- above, over, increased, excessive
hypo- below, under, decreased
idio- personal, self-produced
im-, in-, ir- not
in- in, into
infra- beneath
inter- between, among
intra-, intro- into, within, during
juxta- near, nearby
kata-, kath- down, lower, under
kineto- motion
leuco-, leuko- white
levo- to the left
macro- large, long
mal- bad
mega-, megalo- large, great
meio- contraction
melan-, melano- black
mes-, meso- middle
meta- beyond
micro- small
mio- smaller, less
mono- single, one
multi- many
neo- new
non-, not- no
nulli- none
ob- against
olig-, oligo- few, less than normal
ortho- straight
oxy- sharp, acid
pachy- thick
pan- all, every
par-, para- alongside of, with; woman who has given birth
per- through, excessive
peri- around
pes- foot
pluri- more, several
pneo- breathing
poly- many, much
post- afer, behind
pre-, pro- before, in front of
presby-, presbyo- old age
primi- fast
pseudo- false
quadri- four
re- back, again
retro- backward, behind
semi- half
steno- contracted, narrow
stereo- sirm, solid, three-dimensional
sub- under
super-, supra- above, upon, excess
sym-, syn- with, together
tachy- fast
tele- distant, far
tetra- four
tomo- incision, section
trans- across
tri- three
tropho- nutrition, growth
ultra- beyond, excess
uni- one
veni- vein
xanth-, xantho- yellow
Created by: Kira.Burgoyne
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