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Flashcards for Basic CDDAR course test at Davis Monthan, AFB, AZ

Who is responsible for the base CDDAR program? the Host Wing Commander
Who must have a CDDAR program? any USAF, AFRC or ANG with flying missions or active runway
Who establishes a CDDAR capability for the base? MXG/CC
What publication requires a CDDAR program? AFI 21-101 Chapter 14.10
What are the purpose of airbags? Used to lift and recover from terrain where the use of jacks or other means of recovery are impractical.
With airbags how much lift (height) can be attained with one module? 24 inches
What is the console air pressure regulator set at? 17 PSI
What is used under the bottom and on top of the airbags when actual lifting the aircraft? Protective pads
How many airbag outlets are on the console and how many airbags are operated at each outlet? 15 outlets, 1 per outlet
What are the four positions of airbags referred to in a lift station? Contact bag, gap bag, lift bag and spare bag
When lifting with airbags most of the weight of the aircraft is lifted where? the wings
What is the formula of figuring the lifting capacity of a lift station? Bag Surface Area (BS) X Contact Pressure(CP) X Percent of Bag Surface Area (PB) = Lift Capacity (LC)
What instrument can be used to determine where to start a bag station's cribbing on a high with aircraft? Plumb Bob
What are the two operating pressures of airbags in a lift station referred to? Working and Contact Pressure
What is the working pressure of the gap and lift bags? 7 PSI
What is the maximum height of a single airbag? 8 Inches
What is the maximum lift height of a module? 24 Inches
What is the maximum lift height of a lift station? 10 Feet
What are the minimum number of lift stations required to lift a heavy aircraft? 4
What is used to control movement of a fighter aircraft during a full aircraft lift? Tag lines
Who controls the operation during any crane lift? Team lead
When using multiple attach points to perform a lift, what is the minimum safe angle of the attached lines? 30 Degrees
When using multiple attach points to perform a lift, what is the preferred angle of the attached lines? 90 Degrees
What is the length of a spreader being used on a crane fuselage lift? Atleast as wide as the aircraft body
What is the most important safety precaution when using tag lines? Do not wrap tag lines around hands
What releases the jaws on the mechanical winch when the wire rope needs to be installed or removed? Release safety catch
What is the easiest method of safely driving spikes of the retaining plates of the mechanical winch? Jack hammer
Once tension is placed on the wire rope of the mechanical winch what is considered a DSV? Stepping over the cable
What PPE is needed when installing the wire rope into the mechanical winch? Leather gloves
How much distance does the wire rope travel with each complete cycle of the lever? 1 inch
What is an alternate type of respirator for use in the recovery of composites? PAPR
What are the cordon zones at a crash site? Hot, warm and cold
Who determines if and when fixant is applied to damaged composites at the crash site? Investigation authority
Why is fixant applied to the composite surfaces? To stop composite dust and fiber ends from becoming airborne
When cutting composites what hazards should be checked for in the area? Fuel and oil
Who determines the proper PPE needed for a composite recovery operation? Bio-Environmental and environmental management office
What makes the PAPR suit more desirable to use for the recovery team? Does not require a fit test and usable for other team members
If digging is required prior to debogging what cautions are required? Do not dig below the tire
What regulation provides guidance for building wire rope tow straps? 91-203
What is the designed load rating for high performance straps? 5:1
What is bridging in the debog process? Prevents wire cable from whipping in case cable breaks
What is the capacity of the MHU-104 disabled wheel dolly? 30,000 lbs
What size tires will the MHU-104 accommodate? 4-36 inches
What type of tires can the disabled wheel dolly not be used on? Tires cannot be inflated
In preparing for use how far is the lift plate off of the ground? 1-1/2 inches
When moving the aircraft using one dolly on one MLG how many casters are required to be locked? None
When moving a heavy with disabled nose gear with the aircraft on sleds what allows you to make turns? Turn table
If needed what can the sled sections be used for under the aircraft? Base of the airbags
What guidance is used to fabricate the towing cables for the sled? AFI 91-203
When pulling the sled over an improvised surface or runway what is used for lubrication? Sand
In a composite recovery how far out should the hot zone be? atleast 25 feet from the wreck in each direction
In a composite recovery where should the warm zone be? upwind from the hot zone in an ellipsis pattern
In a composite recovery where should the cold zone be? up wind from the warm zone
What is the surface area of a 26 ton air bag? 80 x 100 inches
What is the surface area of a 15 ton air bag? 70 x 80 inches
What is the tension limit on a tirfor? 8000 lbs
Created by: thaupt1991
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