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history review sheet

review questions for test

lenin Great personality and inspirational leader Fled to western Europe (Germany) to avoid arrest by the Czar Germans help return Lenin to Russia in 1917 because Lenin promised to overthrow the Czar and withdraw Russia from WW1
bloody sunday 200,000 workers go on strike Demand better working conditions & personal freedoms Czar attacks protesters Results in nationwide strike & Czar is forced to promise more freedom + Duma is created
russo-japanese war Russia loses war to Japan Russian losses sparked unrest at home and led to a revolt in the middle of the war
world war one Russians die in great numbers Czar’s poor leadership is blamed for poor results in the war Soldiers begin to mutiny, desert, ignore orders People at home grow tired of war and look for change Bolsheviks take advantage of the situation
bolsheviks Many groups claimed to be rightful followers of Marx Bolsheviks were one Had best leadership: Lenin Later the Bolsheviks change name to “communists” Promise “peace, land, bread”
classless society Put an end to private profit Profits distributed by the government so there are no more rich nor poor
secret police/police state use tanks and armored cars to put down protests Monitor phones, mail – don’t need a warrant to do so Hire spies to listen for critics of the government
great purges Stalin tries to get rid of his enemies Stalin saw enemies everywhere- real & imagined Either executed his enemies or sent them to gulags Gulags: slave labor camps where people were worked to death Stalin had 10-15 million people killed in the Great
propaganda If you can control the way people think, then you can control the way they behave Soviet newspapers told lies to the people Made people believe that capitalism was the great evil in world
stalin's advantages He was General Secretary of Communist Party This position allowed him to place his supporters into positions of power He and his followers controlled the Communist Party
gulag Gulags: slave labor camps where people were worked to death Stalin had 10-15 million people killed in the Great
peace land bread Slogan used to recruit Russians to join the Bolsheviks Peace – meant pull Russia out of WW1 Land – meant that land would be given to the peasants Bread- meant workers would receive higher wages and better working conditions
religous persecution ALL religion was outlawed in Stalin’s Russia God replaced by Dictator (Stalin) Churches turned into government office buildings Atheism is spread. Priests driven out of country or killed.
five year plan Stalin focused on increasing production in “heavy industry” “consumer goods” – Goal: to increase industrial production – to do in 5 years what it took other nations 200 years to accomplish Production does rise
workers of the world unite workers overthrow business owners and fight for better working conditions and rightsb
collectivization Stalin needed to increase food production Had to combine small farms into large government owned farms Peasants objected because they had been given the land by Lenin Peasant Protest >> break tools, kill animals, burn crops, hid grain
famine 7 million peasants starve to death Stalin doesn’t do anything to help them Stalin is upset because they refused to cooperate with collectivization process
proletariat Factory workers Marx believed the only way to improve the lives of workers was for workers to rise up, form an army, and make war to take control of both factories and government A “workers” state would be created
censorship Stalin controlled all newspapers, motion pictures, radio, and other sources of information Forced artists and writers to stop creating art/literature that did not support communist values Only government approved stories could be told
education and indoctrination Government controlled all education from preschool to university Schoolchildren learned the virtues of communism and evils of capitalism Teachers taught what the government told them to or else they would be sent to gulag
communism Goal: create a “classless” society No rich or poor Goal: End Capitalism End private ownership/profit Government ownership Support from poor workers and farmers Spread communism around the world – International Focus
unique to fascism Upper & Lower classes were unfortunate but unavoidable Supports Capitalism Use government power to guide business but not own it Support from middle class and business leaders Make nation greatest in the world – Extreme Nationalism
Created by: alex975
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