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EW Lesson 5

Barron's Essential Words for the TOEFL Lesson 5

Baffle (Verb) to confuse to a point at which no progress can be made (Synonyms) puzzle Other words: (adjective) baffling; (noun) bafflement
Bear (Verb) to produce, to carry; to show, to endure (Synonyms) yield Other words: (adverb) bearably; (adjective) bearable
Blur (Verb) to make something difficult to see (Synonyms) cloud Other words: (adjective) blurred; (noun) blur
Brilliant (Adjective) intensely bright or colorful; intelligent (Synonyms) radiant Other words: (adverb) brilliantly; (noun) brilliance
Caution (Verb) to alert someone of danger, warn someone to take care of pay attention to something (Synonyms) warn Other words. (adjective) cautious; (adjective) cautionary; (adverb) cautiously; (noun) caution
Delicate (Adjective) needing careful treatment; sensitive, easily broken (Synonyms) fragile Other words: (adverb) delicately
Enhance (Verb) to increase in a positive way, such as in value, power, or beauty. (Synonyms)strengthen Other words: (noun) enhancement; (adjective) enhanced
Facilitate (Verb) to make easier; to ease the progress of something (Synonyms) assist Other words: (adverb) facilitative
Incessant (Adjective) nonstop, continual, or never-ending (Synonyms) constant Other words: (adverb) incessantly
In conjunction with (Prepositional Phrase) in addition to, alongside (Synonyms) along with
Intrigue (Verb) to interest greatly (Synonyms) fascinate Other words: (adjective) intriguing; (adverb) intriguingly; (noun) intrigue
Obstruct (Verb) to prevent movement, progress, or success (Synonyms) block Other words: (noun) obstruction; (adjective) obstructive; (adverb) obstructively
Persuade (Verb) to change a belief or behavior by argument or reason (Synonyms) convince Other words: (adverb) persusasively; (adjective) persuasive; (noun) persuasion
Recompense (Noun) a repayment or reward for a deed (Synonyms) compensation Other words: (adverb) recompensable; (verb) recompense
Shed (Verb) to throw off naturally; to give out (Synonyms) discard
Unique (Adjective) to be the only one of a kind; special (Synonyms) rare Other words: (adverb) uniquely; (noun) uniqueness
Well-suited (Adjective) to be complementary or appropriate; a good match (Synonyms) compatible
Created by: rachellaycook