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medterm 10

trachea, bronchi, lungs, and pleura lower respiratory system
respiratory therapist duties include administering oxygen therapy, measuring lung capacity, and monitoring blood concentration of oxygen
alveolus air sacs
bronchiectasis dilated bronchus
bronchiolar pertaining to a bronchiole
bronchogram record of the bronchus
cyanosis abnormal condition of being blue
lobectomy surgical removal of a lobe
orthopnea breathing (sitting up) straight
oxometer instrument for measuring oxygen
oxometry process of measuring oxygen
pleura protective sac around lungs
pleurocentesis puncture pleura to withdraw fluid
bradypnea slow breathing
hemoptysis spitting (up) blood
spirometry process of measuring breathing
pyothorax pus in the chest
trachea windpipe
tracheotomy cutting into the trachea
ABGs test for levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide
asphyxiation suffocation
aspirate inhaling fluid or foreign objects into airway
bronchogenic carcinoma lung tumor that originates in bronchi
croup harsh cough that children get
cystic fibrosis genetic condition of thick mucus
emphysema leading to overinflated alveoli
hypopnea shallow breathing
IRDS hyaline membrane disease
pleural effusion fluid or gas in pleural cavity
pneumonia alveoli fill with fluid
pneumothorax result in collapse of lung
postural drainage uses gravity to promote drainage
pulmonary angiography injecting dye into blood vessel for purpose of taking x-ray
pulmonary embolism blood clot or air bubble in pulmonary artery
PFT using spirometer to measure respiratory function
purulent containing pus
rales crackling sound
rhonchi whistling sound
SARS worldwide epidemic in 2003
sputum phlegm coughed up
sputum culture and sensitivity tested to determine selection of effective antibiotic
sputum cytology test for cancerous cells
sweat test Diagnostic test for cystic fibrosis
ventilator respirator
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