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language arts def.

abdamant no giving in
additive something added in small quantities to change or improve something else
adjoin to be next to or close to
beastly disgusting, unpleasant, or disagreeable
brood 1.a group of birds, especially fowl, born to the same mother at the same time 2.all of the children in the family 3.to keep thinking about something in a sad or troubled way
commerce the buying and selling of goods especially on a large scale
confiscate to seize (something) that has the authority to take away
desolate 1.lonely or miserable 2.ruined or destroyed
excavate 1.to uncover or remove by digging 2.to make a hole in
habitual being, doing, or acting in a certain way by habit
pact a treaty
skirmish 1. a brief fight between small forces 2.any brief or unimportant conflictd
velocity speed
wistful sadly because of an unfulfilled wish or desire
wrath very great anger
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