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Astronomy final

6th grade astronomy final LMS

What is the big bang theory? The theory that the universe was once in a hot dense state then expansion started and everything is still drifting farther apart.
What is the evidence for the big bang theory? Cosmic background radiation and the age of the universe
Why is the big bang theory a bad name? The universe did not explode it just started to expand so there was no "BANG"
What should the big bang theory be called? The everywhere stretch
Gravity has 3 jobs in space what are they? Keep you on the ground, Keep planets in orbit, `and pulls things into spheres.
What changes the strength of gravity? Mass and distance
Gravity effects what body functions? Muscles and Bones
What is accretion? The force that pulls things together; it forms planets and other stuff
What is orbital motion? The movement of objects in space around each other
How do planets get stuck to stars and moons get stuck to planets? The stars are bigger than the planets so it had more mass giving it a stronger gravitational pull, same with the planets and moons.
How was the moon formed? The giant impact theory states that earth had just formed and a mars-sized planet had collided into it and a blast of material went everywhere,that material accreted into a smaller sphere that is the moon.
what are 2 things the moon is apart of? Tides and Eclipses
The moon brings Earth what? seasons, tides, stabilizes Earth's tilt
The moon is seen in ____. Phases
waning getting smaller
waxing getting bigger
The stages of the moon in order are new moon, waxing crescent, first 1/4, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third 1/4, waning crescent
what are the 2 eclipses? Solar and lunar
What are the 2 types of tides? Neap and spring
What are comets made of? ice and gas
What are meteors made of? Metal and rock
What are asteroids made of? rock and minerals
Where is the asteroid belt? between Mars and Jupeter
Which of these have tails (comets, asteroids, meteors) comets
Comets contain the oldest and most pristine material in the solar system. True
Meteors create craters True
Asteroids turn into metiors False
Comets turn into asteroids False (they just look like them)
Created by: abbylms