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ap euro unit 8


battle of Marne first war in WW1 to use trench warfare
map of Africa and which countries controlled which areas and what territories remained free france had valuable land while germany did not/ desert
schlieffen plan went to attack france/ had to go through Belgium, wasn't easy, took 2-3 weeks/ had to split up army/being attacked from behind= fail
fashoda incident british came to africa looking for land/ france beat them there/ pointed guns at france/ france backed off
reason why italy joined the allies in WW1 was offered territories
clemenceau's intent at paris peace conference wanted to represent france/ wanted germany to pay for what they did (WW1)
Hindenburg and Ludendorff's role in WW1 Hindenburg helped ludendorff gain victory at the battle of tannenburg (danish)
Wilson's 14 points peace conference/ league of nations
britain's balfour declaration britian promised jews land, however it was inhabited by other people
events and results of western front schlieffen plan/ millions died/no territory was gained/ battle of marne
members of the Triple Entente France/ Great Britain/ Russia
members of the triple alliance austria/ hungry/ italy/ germany
effective occupation definition in order to claim the land, you must have your people living there
J.A. hobsons criticism of imperialism capitalism- blame the rich for getting richer government- for not doing anything to help, but only gaining territories
denis diderot invented encyclopedia
assignats french money
white mans burden poem and its purpose rasist author/ said that by conquering territories and making the natives of the land slaves, they should be thanking him
morocco crisis germany was being too violent with their ship threats
zimmerman telegram germany told mexico to invade america (texas) but it got intercepted by Britain whom handed it over to America
social darwinism weak die off while the strong prevail
the ottoman empire- sick man of europe ottoman empire was receding/dying out
the relationship between imperialism and industrialism cheap and easy
why women worked during WW1 men were off to war, leaving the workforce empty for women to take charge
keynes criticism of treaty of versailles unworthy and unworkable and immoral
reason for Bismarck's alliance system wanted to keep france out of everything in fear that they may mess it up
reason for Article 231 of treaty of versailles Germany accept blame for the war, ruins germanys government, causing hyper inflation
main european countries responsible for investments in the world and where they invested Britain, germany, france invested in the US
new european countries after the paris peace confrence that ended WW1 finland, estonia, letvia,lithuania(baltic) replaced empires: poland, chevz republic, austria, hungary, Yugoslavia and ottoman empire became turkey
germany and britians arm race prior to WW1 big ship? i have a bigger one.
opium war china wasnt trading with britian although britian was buying things from china/ they asked if they could buy something, china declined/ they suggested opium and china agreed. workplaces in china became non working
carlsbad decrees metternich/ conservative/ crushed liberal ideas/ censorship
paris barricades of 1830 charles X kicked out of power, citizens of france barricaded the streets
englands reform bill of 1832 representatives for the population are equal
peterloo massacre of 1819 peaceful protest/ government got nervous/ went to go dismantle/ got violent
result of dansih war with prussia and austria shift of power from austria to prussia
russias scorched earth policy russia while fighting france, scorched and burned the land behind them so the french had nothing to live on
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