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Chapter 5 & 6

an abnormal increase in the number or red blood cells in the blood Polycythemia
the abnormal hardening of an artery Atherosclerosis
the blockage of a blood vessel by a foreign object circulating in the blood Embolis
type of medication is administered to lower high blood pressure Antihypertensive
means inflammation of a vein phlebitis
an abnormally slow heartbeat Bradycardia
medication controls irregularities of the heartbeat Antiarrhythmic
high blood pressure Hypertension
rapid, irregular, and useless contractions of the ventricles Ventricular fibrillation
which condition is a genetic disorder in which the intestines absorb too much iron Hemochromatosis
the blocking of an artery by a clot Thrombotic occlusion
to stop or control bleeding Hemostasis
diagnostic technique records the patient's heart rates and rhythms over a 24-hour period Pericarditis
a localized, balloon like enlargement of an artery Aneurysm
describes a deficiency of blood flowing through an organ Hypoperfusion
is the name of the inner layer of the heart pericaditis
medication that is a clot-dissolving drug Tissue plasminogen activator
which term describes a localized, balloon like enlargement an artery aneurysm
which term means elevated plasma concentrations of cholesterol hyperlipidemia
Which condition is also known as iron overload disease hemochromatosis
Which term descrived any blood disorder in which there is an abnormally small number of platelets thrombocytopenia
Which types of immunity developes from having had a contagious disease acquired
Which term describes a benign tumor made up of abnormal lymphatic ves lymphangioma
which term means a malignant new growth of epithelial cells sarcoma
which organ plays important roles in both the immune and cardiovascular system sleen
which term means a carcinoma derived from glandular tissue adenocarcinoma
which term means a malignant tumor derived from muscle tissue ` myelosarcoma
which organ or structure has a major hemolytic function spleen
which term refers to the state of being resistanct to a specific disease immunity
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