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europe and russia

questions on different things about europe and russia

this divides things centrifugal force
this brings things together centripetal force
this is a form of international cooperation supranational cooperation
what is the EU (european union) the way that europe divides and unites in certain situations.
who are the citizens of the EU europeans
what does the EU do they trade with other countries to become economically interdependent to avoid conflict.
what is demography the study of human populations
the number of years a person can expect to live is called what life expectancy
the average number of births total fertility rate
what do population pyramids show the different ages and genders
how do you read a population pyramid look at the legend
what three population dilemmas are european countries facing today 1 a declining workforce 2 a shrinking population 3 an aging population
what is acid rain rain that has turned into acid
how is acid rain created sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released into the air where they mix and react with water.
the border shared by poland, germany, and the czech republic is called black triangle
where is the black triangle in poland
what happened in chernobyl a nuclear power plant exploded in the ukraine
what does erosion look like land that is wearing away
what causes erosion water reshaping land
what does glaciation look like alot of glaciers
what causes glaciation the climate changes which also changes the glaciers
what does tectonic movement look like a crack in the earths surface
what causes tectonic movement the intense heat in the earths core
what do volcanoes look like mountains
what causes volcanoes magma rises to the surface of the earth and forms them
what is the ring of fire a ring of volcanoes around the pacific ocean
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