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2A651 CDC Vol 1

CDC Vol 1

To which flight is the engine management section assigned? Maintenance Operations
When you are assigned to an aircraft maintenance squadron as an engine troop, to what flight will you most likely be attached? Specialist
What does the fifth position of the AFSC 3A652 represent? Specific AFSC
How many months must you have in the Air Force before you may attend ALS? 48
Which program's purpose is to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all Air Force employees? Air Force Occupational Safety and Health (AFOSH)
AFOSH Standards are located within Air Force publication series 91
How far does a propeller's axis of rotation extend? 10 feet to the front and 5 feet from the rear
When approaching or leaving a helicopter with the blades rotating, all personnel need to remain in full view of the pilot
Foreign object damage is usually caused by people
Which of the following is a general physical classification of toxic materials? Chemicals
As a propulsion journeyman, during flight-line and test cell operations, you maybe exposed to carbon monoxide
Which person or agency responsible for providing you with training on how to wear, use, and maintain personal, protective equipment (PPE)? Supervisor
What would you normally use to clean and sanitize respirators? Mild Soap
Hazardous waste storage areas must prevent unauthorized entry
Containers holding hazardous waste must be clearly marked to show the contents and date the waste began to accumulate
A specialized function of the Supply mission is disposal
From what perspective does the Global Logistics Center manage supply? Weapons system
Which Base Supply function manages the repair cycle system? Repair Cycle Support System (RCSS)
Selected equipment items, when returned to depot because of their design characteristics function or application, are predetermined to require overhaul
Which Supply document provides a means for organizations to review all document numbers processed during the day by the SBSS? Daily Document Register (D04)
When you have completed the removal of items such as engines, end items, components and sub-assemblies, you complete AFTO Form 350 to identify the origin of an item
Which form do you submit when you determine that a first-time request part will become a recurring one and, therefore, the stock levels need to be adjusted? AF IMT 1996
Serviceable items, when received from supply and ready to use, each have an attached DD Form 1574
Which item is one that a storage time period must be assigned to ensure that it will perform satisfactory over a specified period of time? Shelf-life
In the case of a failure trend that may contribute to accidents, deficiency reports are forwarded to higher headquarters
A Category I deficiency report (DR) is used to report a deficiency that, if gone uncorrected, will cause major loss or damage to equipment or a system
Within how many hours must Cat I DR's be forwarded to the originating point? 24
Which type of items must be reflected on the Custodian Authorized/Custody Receipt Listing (CA/CRL) Equipment authorization inventory data
When should new equipment account custodians receive training Before signing for the account
The first section of a TO number identifies the category and the aircraft mission type in the TO
In which type of TO would you find a list of TOs for a specific category of equipment? Index
Which TO describes the Air Force TO system 00-5-1
Which type of Technical Manual (TM) is divided into tasks that cover a particular maintenance action? Job Guide
Which type of manual is used by maintenance personnel as a means of identifying and rectifying system or component malfunctions? Fault Isolation
Which TCTO category is issue to correct hazardous safety conditions that can result in a fatality or serious injury to personnel? Immediate action
Which TO coves all information concerning the Air Force TO System? 00-5-1
An AFTO IMT Form 22, TM Change Recommendation and Reply, is not submitted for Preliminary TOs
Which person or office makes sure the AFTO IMT 22 is valid and warrants submission? Supervisor of initiator
Which AFTO IMT 22 recommendation would you submit that, if not corrected, could cause personnel injury or damage to equipment or property? Urgent
What are the two classifications of failures in the reliability centered maintenance (RCM) approach? Potential and functional
Which program integrates hardware, software, maintenance, and diagnostic process to quantify and monitor/manage engine health? ET
The primary goal of the engine trending and diagnostics (ET&D) program is to prevent or limit damage to turbine engines by early detection of performance degradation and/or failures.
Within the ET&D program, to whom to flight-line personnel transfer collected data for analysis? Base engine maintenance shop
What drives the creation of a centralized repair facility (CRF) assets and reports their status? Production supervisor
What supports base-level technicians by providing technical assistance and performing any repairs beyond their responsibility/capability? Depot maintenance
Depot level support includes deport field teams and contract field teams
A primary objective of the engine reporting system is to maintain accurate and timely engine inventories
The key to making the CEMS work is accurate and timely data at the lowest level
For how many categories of reporting foes the CEMS establish and maintain records? 2
You should record the removal and replacement of engine accessories on which AFTO Form? 95
The purpose of the Lead the Fleet/Pacer programs is to determine distress modes of an engine and its subsystems in the field
How many years ahead should participating units accelerate engines, modules, and accessories? 2
You should wear eye protection when you work with tools that may cause flying particles
What would you use to hold your tools when you cannot locate your toolbox within arm's reach? Tool bag
Which TO covers calibration procedures for torque wrenches? 33K6 series
If you must torque a sequence of 3 or more bolts, use a staggered sequence
The length of a torque extension is determined by the distance between the center of the square drive and the center of the broached opening
The longest calibrated movement between the spindle and anvil of an outside micrometer is 1 inch
The vernier scale on a micrometer is used to read measurements in ten-thousandths of an inch
Where is the contact point on a dial indicator located? At the end of a pivoted lever
How many range settings can you use when measuring voltage with the Fluke 8025A? 4
One reason the borescope inspection is not intended to take the place of, or be as thorough as, a periodic teardown inspection is because limited access ports are available
A rigid boresope requires a direct and lateral straight shot at the inspection area
When operating a borescope, what part of the borescope illuminates the interior of the area Distal tip light guides
Which type of borescope misuse causes a poor field of view (black spots)? Application of lateral (pinching) pressure to the fiber bundle
Do not use self-locking nuts on engine joints
Which type of nut should never be used in areas where the temperature exceeds 250*F Nonmetallic self-locking
The shank of a screw is defined as the combination of the body and the threads
When installing a self-tapping screw, the hole must be slightly smaller than the screw
What type of washer would you use to prevent scoring of machined surfaces? Plain
To prevent damage to the soft metals surfaces and a lock washer is required, what should you use? Plain washer underneath the lock washer
Cotter pins are used for satisfying various units such as castellated nus
When you are lock wiring two units together, the first unit holes should be between what o'clock positions? 3 and 6
When lock wiring, how many twists per inch are required to produce the proper stiffness? 8 to 10
You can identify the various system lines used to transfer fluids and gases on jet engines by the color-code bands placed around the tubing or hoses
When removing or installing tubing from jet engine components, what numerical value is given to a fitting used on tubing that measures 3/8 inch. 6
When removing components from a jet engine, why is it necessary to carefully remove clamps when disconnecting tubes from those components? For the prevention of nicks and scratches
After any jet engine maintenance has been performed, why is it necessary that dust caps be installed over tube ends rather than inside them? Avoids possibility of leaving caps installed
Which type of hose assemblies are exempt from shelf-life storage? teflon
Never use oil as an aid to installing self-sealing hoses.
When disassembling the oil filter, why should you always use a clean container? To prevent false containment indications
What do you use to seal male flared-type fuel drain fittings on an engine being prepared for air shipment? caps
You must completely seal an engine being prepared for an air shipment to prevent flight safety from being adversely affected
preservation of a component being shipped is required when it is being returned to depot or stored for more than how many days? 30
The shroud-type jet engine cover consists of a buildup of how many layers or wrap? 3
Which TO covers the disposition of engines removed from aircraft involved in mishaps? 2J-1-19
If a stored engine/module is in the shipping container, the container will be sealed and pressurized with dry nitrogen to what pounds per square inch, gauge (psig)? 5 +/- 1
To release the internal air pressure in a shipping container/module, you must remove the filler valve on the front end of the container
When removing the shipping container lid from the shipping container, how much are the turnlock fasteners turned? 1/4 turn
What color is a serviceable humidity indicator on a shipping container? Blue
How many pins secure the adapters to the shipping container support? 4
During the "over 180 days" engine preservation period, the fuel system is maintained full of MIL-L-6081 (Grade 1010)
To prepare the jet engine fuel system for service after depreservation, you must flush the system with fuel
When can you consider a depreserved jet engine ready for service? Only after a ground check run of the engine has been performed
Which factor is important in causing corrosion? Water
On the personnel maintenance platforms, the purpose of the platform safety lockpins is to prevent the platform from lowering while it is in use
You adjusted the maintenance platform to 4 feet, which platform are you using? B-4
You adjust the maintenance platform between 7 and 12 feet, which platform are you watching? B-5
What information is found in Part 1 of an AFTO 244? Item Identification.
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