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Reproductive system

VTA 125 Reproductive system

what are the parts of the male canine reproductive system testes, epididymis, vas differens, urethra, penis, accessory glands
where is testosterone made in the testes
at what age are the testes palpable in puppies and kittens 12 weeks for puppies, 10-12 weeks for kittens
what are the main functions of the penis it carries urine out of the body, it carries sperm to the female
how do cats ovulate cats are induced ovulators
what are the parts of the female reproductive system in order (hint OOUCVV) ovary, oviduct, uterus, cervix, vagina, vulva
where do puppies and kittens developed in the uterine horns
what is the ovaries main function produce ova
where does fertilization occur in the ovaduct
what is the main function of the uterus provides nourishment and oxygen to the embryo
what does metrium stand for uterous
what is the estrous cycle going into heat
what are the four estrous cycle intervals polyesterous, seasonally polyesterous, diestraus, monoesterous
what is a polyesterous cycle cycle continually throughout the year (cattle, swine)
what is a seasonally polyesterous cycle cycles increase with daylight (horse, sheep, cat)
what is a diesterouscycle two cycles per year spring and fall (dog)
what is a monoesterous cycle once per year ovulator (wolf, mink, fox)
Name the estrous cycle stages (hint PEDA) proesterous, estrus, diestrous, anesterous
the proegesterous stage is __________ 1st stage / time leading up to estrous
the esterous stage is ___________ 2nd stage / time of mating
the diesterous stage is ___________ 3rd stage / time pregnancy is established
the anestreous stage is ___________ 4th stage / time in between cycles for some species
what is an induced ovulator ovulation occurs after breeding
what is the gestation period for dogs and cats 2 months
what is the gestation time for bovine 9 months
what is the gestation time for equine 11 months
dystocia difficult birth
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