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World War I

pre-war European society, causes, new weapons, trench warfare, American entry,

The first declaration of war in 1914 was by __________, against ________. Austria-Hungary against Serbia
The event that actually triggered the beginning of WWI was the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand
The Black Hand group who killed the Archduke wanted to free Slavs from Austrian control and take their territory to form Greater Serbia
What cause of WWI is seen in the arms race among European powers? Militarism
The desire of some ethnic minorities to be free of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire shows what cause of WWI Nationalism
This cause of WWI meant that the beginning of even a small war in Europe would soon involve all of the most powerful countries. Alliance system
Competition between European nations for overseas colonies shows what cause of WWI? Imperialsm
Before WWI Europeans believed that all questions about the natural world and all problems would soon be solved by Science
Emily Davison threw herself in front of the British King's racehorse in order to help achieve women's suffrage
Another reason that war in Europe spread so quickly was that the nation that did this the fastest had a huge advantage in the fighting. Mobilization of their army
The German plan to win the war quickly by advancing through the neutral nation of Belgium was called the Schleiffen Plan
The Schleiffen Plan might have worked had the Germans not taken some of their troops from the attack on France to stop the advance of the Russians
The German attempt to capture Paris and defeat France quickly was finally stopped at this "miraculous" battle. Battle of the Marne
Once the initial attacks of both sides failed, this type of war in France began where neither side could break through the enemy lines. Trench warfare
The new type of weapon that caused the most casualties in the fighting in France was the machine gun
Both sides in the war tried to stop the other from getting needed supplies by establishing a blockade
The German blockade of England was carried out by this type of warfare. Unrestricted submarine warfare
This battle began with a British attack on the German trenches resulting in 60,000 casualties on the first day of the months long battle. Battle of the Somme
The Germans attacked the French town of Verdun in an attempt to "bleed the French white" in a battle of attrition
Unrestricted submarine warfare and the sinking of this ship were important reasons that the US entered WWI on the side of the Allies. the Lusitania
The German attempt to get Mexico to attack the US to keep America out of the war was revealed in the Zimmerman Telegram
US banks tried to get the US to enter the war because they had loaned money to France and Britain
After entering the war, the US government attempted to control the attitudes of the American people by the use of propaganda
The US used this to get enough soldiers to create a large army. the draft
The US largely financed the war by selling Liberty Bonds
It was important that US troops arrive in France quickly because large numbers of German troops that had been fighting Russia would soon be moved to the west to attack in France
Which of these nations was NOT a member of the Entente (the Allies) France, Britain, Austria, Russia Austria
Which of these nations was NOT a member of the Triple Alliance (the Central Powers) the US, Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire the US
At the beginning of WWI, Russia was ruled by the Tsar (Nicholas II)
This Russian priest was able to gain much power in Russia by his association with the wife of Tsar Nicholas II. Rasputin
In 1917, military defeats, huge casualties, and food shortages led to the overthrow of the Tsar and to the Russian Revolution
The group that took over the Russian government after the fall of the Tsar was called the Bolsheviks
The Bolsheviks were led by V. I. Lenin
The Bolsheviks gained all power in Russia after they defeated the White Russians in the Russian Civil War
The Bolsheviks created a major crisis for the French and British when they signed a peace treaty with Germany
The turning point in WWI on the western front was the 2nd Battle of the Marne
The effect of the British blockade on German civilians was to create severe food shortages leading to riots
With civilians rioting in Germany and the German army losing ground to the Allies, Germany agreed to end the fighting by signing an Armistice
The WWI ended at what time and date? 11 o'clock, 11-11-1918
World War I was won by the Allies
The Allies were victorious in WWI because they had more men, material and money and because of the ________ that cut off Germany's access to food and other supplies. Blockade
The agreement that officially ended the war was the Treaty of Versailles
The treaty that ended the war required Germany to pay reparations
The part of the Treaty of Versailles that especially angered the German people was the War Guilt Clause
Problems caused by the borders established by the victors in WWI include present-day conflicts in the nation of Iraq
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