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A & P - Bones & tiss


The function of the root hair plexus is to allow the hair to assist in touch sensation
If a splinter penetrated the skin into the second epidermal layer of the sole of the foot, which cells would be damaged? Lucidum
Melanocytes and keratinocytes work together in protecting the skin from UV damage when keratinocytes accumulate the melanin granules on their superficial portion, forming a UV-blocking pigment layer
The papillary layer of the dermis is connective tissue heavily invested with blood vessels. The superficial surface has structures called: dermal papillae
Sudoriferous (sweat) glands are categorized as two distinct types. What are they? Eccrine & apocrine
What is the first threat to like from a massive third-degree burn? Catastrophic fluid loss resulting in hypovolemic shock
Acne is a disorder associated with what gland? sebaceous glands
Which gland is a modified sudoriferous gland that secretes wax? ceruminous
Despite its apparent durability, the dermis is subject to tearing. How might a person know that the dermis has been stretched and/or torn? The appearance of visible, silvery-white scars is an indication of stretching of the dermis
The composition of the secretions of the eccrine glands is made of? 99% water, sodium chloride, trace amounts of wastes, and vitamin C
The dense fibrous connective tissue portion of the skin is located in the reticular region of the dermis. True
Which of the following is not found in the matrix of cartilage but is in bone? Blood Vessels
Mammary glands exhibit a glandular type called Compound alveolar
Matrix is composed of fibers and ground substance
Inability to absorb digested nutrients and secrete mucus might indicate a disorder in which tissue? Simple Columnar
Chondroblasts within the cartilage divide and secrete new matrix
An epithelial membrane contains simple or stratified epithelia and a basement membrane
The following is true about the mode of secretion of the exocrine gland Merocrine glands are not altered by the secretory process
The following is considered connective tissue cartilage, adipose, blood no muscle
What are glycosaminoglycans negatively charged polysaccharides
The first step in tissue repair involves inflammation
What is a true statement about multicellular exocrine glands The secretory cells of holocrine glands release their product by rupturing
What are the three main components of connective tissue ground substance, fibers, and cells
True or false "Blast" cells are undifferentiated, actively dividing cells True
What causes inflammation which causes capillaries to dilate and become permeable? Tissue repair
True or False: Stratified epithelia are present where protection from abrasion is important True
Which cells are commonly found wedged between simple columnar epithelial cells? goblet cells
True or False: The age of a person is a factor in the tissue repair process True
Mesenchymal cells are most commonly found in which connective tissue? embryonic
The reason that intervertebral discs exhibit a large amount of tensile strength to absorb shock is because they possess colagen fibers
The most important organelle to goblet cells and other glanular epithelium is Golgi bodies
What is a single-celled layer of epithelium that forms the lining of the serous membranes? simple squamous
The fiber type that gives connective tissue great tensile strength collagen
Glands, such as thyroid, that secrete their products directly into the blood rather than through ducts are classified as endocrine
Chondroblasts within the cartilage divide and secrete new matrix
A multilayered epithelium with cuboidal basal cells and flat cells at its surface would be classified as stratified squamous
T or F, muscle tissue is highly cellular and well vascularized True
T or F, In connective tissue, collagen fibers provide high tensile strenght true
T or F, In adipose tissue, its primary function is to store nutrition True
T or F, simple cuboidal epithelia are usually associated with secretion and absorbtion True
T or F, stratified cuboidal epithelium is moderately rare in the body and found only in the pharynx, larynx, and anorectal junction False
T or F, Merocrine glands produce their secretions by accumulating their secretions interally and then rupturing the cell False
Connective tissues that possess a large quantity of collagen fibers often provide the framework for organs such as the spleen and lymph nodes.T or F, False
A major characteristic of fibrocartilage is its unique amount of flexibility and elasticity, False
Intercalated discs and striations are found in the skeletal muscle False
T or F, Most connective tissues have regenerative capacity, while most epithelial tissues do not. False
Functions of connective tissues including binding, support, insulation, and protection True
T or F, Endocrine glands are often called ducted glands False
T or F, Nervous tissue consists mainly of neurons and collagen fibers False
The structure of bone tissue suits the functions. What is the name of the bone tissue that is adapted to supporting weight and withstanding tension stress? Compact Bone
Yellow bone marrow contains a large percentage of Fat
The cell responsible for secreting the matrix of the bone is osteoblast
what kind of tissue is the forerunner of long bones in the embryo hyaline cartilage
what can a deficiency of growth hormone during bone formation cause decreased proliferation of the epiphyseal plate cartilage
A fracture in the shaft of the bone would be a break in the diaphysis
The term dipol—Ď refers to the internal layer of spongy bones in the flat bones
Which is a bone marking name that indicates a projection that helps to form joints ramus
Factors in preventing (or delaying) osteoporosis include drinking fluoridated water
Ossification of the ends of the long bones is produced by secondary ossification centers
Which structure allows the diaphysis of the bone to increase in length until early childhood, as well as shaping the articular surface? Epiphyseal plate
The most abundant skeletal cartilage type hyaline
What are the functions of the skeletal system Support, storage of minerals, and production of blood cells (hematopoiesis)
What is the structural unit of compact bone osteon
Bones are covered and lined by a protective tissue called periosteum. The inner (osteogenic) layer consists primarily of osteoblasts & osteoclasts
The periosteum is secured to the underlying bone by dense connective tissue called Perforating (Sharpey's) fibers
The canal that runs through the core of each osteon (the Haversian Canal) is the site of: Blood vessels & nerve fibers
What are the small spaces in bone tissue that are holes in which osteosytes live called? Lacunae
For intramembranous ossification to take place, what is necessary? An ossification center forms in the fibrous connective tissue
The process of bones increasing in width is known as Appositional growth
Bones are constantly undergoing resorption for various reasons, what cells accomplish this osteoclast
which hormone increases osteoclast activity to release more calcium ions into the bloodstream Parathyroid hormone
The universal loss of mass seen in the skeleton, which begins about age of 40 reflects incomplete osteon formation and mineralization
Wolff's law is concerned with the thickness and shape of a bone being dependent on stresses placed upon it
Cranial bones develop within fibrous membranes
Which of the following glands or organs produces hormones that tend to decrease blood calcium levels thyroid
Cartilage grows in two ways, appositional and interstitial. What is appositional growth The secretion of new matrix against the external face of existing cartilage
Describe interstitail growth chondrocytes in the lacunae divide and secrete matrix, allowing the cartilage to grown from within
In the epiphyseal plate, cartilage grows by pushing the epiphyseal away from the diaphysis
Spongy bones are made up of a framework called trabeculae
Osteogenesis is the process of bone formation
Lengthwise, long bone growth during infancy and youth is exclusively through interstitial growth of the epiphyseal plates
Growth of bones is controlled by a symphony of hormones. Which hormone is important for bone growth during infancy and childhoos growth hormone
In some cases the epiphyseal plate of the long bones of children closes too early. What might be the cause? Elevated sex hormones
Normal bone formation and growth are dependent on the adequate intake of calcium, phosphate, vitamin D
T or F, Hematopoiesis refers to the formation of blood cells within the red marrow cavities of certain bones. True
T or F, The term osteoid refers to the organic part of the maxtrix of compact bones True
T or F, An osteon contains osteocytes, llamellae, and a central canal, and is found in compact bone only. True
T or F, Cartilage has a flexible matrix that can accommodate mitosis of chondrocytes True
Examples of long bones arm bone, fingers,
Examples of short bones ankles, wrists
Examples of irregular bones Secrum, vertebrae
Examples of flat bones ribs, front of skull
Example of sesamoid bones patella (knee cap)
What forms the largest portion of the coxal bone Ilium
what makes up the axial skeleton the skull, vertebral column, and the rib cage
which vertebra does not have a body atlas
The suture that connects the two parietal bones together is the sagittal
the pituitary gland is housed in the sella turcica of the sphenoid
the hyoid bone is unique because it is the only bone that does not articulate with any other bone in the body
Along with support, the anterior ligament of the vertebral column also acts to prevent hyper-extension of the spine
What is the major function of the intervertebral discs absorb shock
paranasal sinuses are found in which of these facial bones maxille
Which disease is an abnormal lateral curvature of the vertebral column often seen in the thoracic region scoliosis
which part of the vertebral column receives the most stress by bearing most of the weight of the body lumbar region
What is the location of the center of gravity in the body? It is 1 cm posterior to the sacral promontory
Thoracic vertebrae differ from the other vertebrae in that they have facets for attachment of the ribs
What is the major function of the axial skeleton provide central support for the body and protect internal organs
The antebrachium is composed of which two bones the radius and ulna
The "true wrist" or carpus consists of a group of eight short bones united by ligaments
Which bone is in direct contact with the first metatarsals medial cuneiform
T or F, The orbits are formed of both facial and cranial bones True
T or F, Paranasal sinuses enhance the resonance of the voice and lighten the skull True
The superior orbital fissure is formed in the sphenoid bone, whereas the inferior orbital fissure if formed between the sphenoid and maxilla
Which of the following is the abnormal curve often seen in pregnant women as they attempt to preserve their center of gravity toward the end of the pregnancy lordosis
How are thoracic vertebrae 11 & 12 different from the other vertebrae? The transverse processes do not have facets that articulate with the tubercles of the ribs
Which bones contains diaphysis and epiphysis areas, a tuberosity near its middle, and is proportionally more compact than spongy bone humerus
the superior nasal concha is part of which bone ethmoid
The articulation that most closely resembles a hinge in the body involves which bones humerus-ulna
The pelvic girdle doesn't include the sacrum
which of the following bones is not weight bearing fibula
Which portion of the fibula articulates with the talus lateral maleolus
T or F, All of the bones of the skull, except the mandible, are united by sutures and are therefore immovable. True
T or F, The foramen magnum goes through the occipital bone True
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