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Court Room Procedure

Court Room Procedure and Knowledge

A word that means pertaining to the marriage relationship is: Conjugal
A peremptory challenge of a juror is a called Does not require any cause be shown
To sequester a witness or a jury means: To set apart or segregate
The legal right of one spouse to the company, affection and service of the other is called: Consortium
One that swears to an affidavit is called: Affiant
The highest appeals court in the State is: Supreme Court
When testimony is taken down in writing under oath it is called a: Deposition
Written questions posed by one party and served on another are called: Interrogatories
The first paper filed in a civil case by a defendant is called a/an: Answer
A Latin term meaning in itself, taken alone or simply, is: Per se
Preliminary examination of a juror touching upon his competency to serve is called: Voir dire examination
In a civil case, a judge or jury decides the case by the following way: By a preponderance of the evidence
A writ or order of review or inquiry for legal error is called: Writ of certiorari
The formal statement of a grand jury charging a person with a crime is called: an indictment
A case that is heard anew or a second time is heard: De novo
A word meaning the law in general or the science of the law is: jurisprudence
A power of attorney is a instrument that allows one to: act as an agent or proxy for another
A prima facie case is one in which evidence produced is: sufficient to establish facts of the case at first glance
A trial court of general jurisdiction is: Circuit Court
Appearing in one's own proper person is called: In Pro Per
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