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A & P week 6

The digestive system/ urinary system

alimentary canal the digestive tract, the gastrointestinal tract
antibody antibodies contained in saliva that act as antibacterial agents
antrum the part of the stomach nearest the entrance to the duodenum
cardia the area of the stomach between the fundus and its main body
CHOLECYSTIS gallbladder
chyme name given to the liquefied food entering the duodenum
colon the large intestine, divisible into the ascending, transverse, descending, and sigmoid colons
deglutition swallowing
duodenal adjective form of duodenum used in the terms naming some digestive system disorders
duodenum segment of the small intestine connecting with the stomach
esophagus the part of the digestive tract between the pharynx and stomach
fundus part of the stomach
gastirc adjectival form of stomach
hepatoid resembling the liver
ileum the longest segment of the small intestine, which leads into the large intestine
intestine the small intestine is divisible into the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum; the large intestine comprises the cecum, colon, rectum, and anus
jejunum eight-foot-long segment of the small intestine between the duodenum and the ileum
pancreatic adjective for pancreas
salivary glands collectively, the parotid, sublingual, and submandibular salivary glands
stomach digestive organ composed of four parts; the fundus, the cardia, the body, and the antrum
cholecystits inflammation of the gallbladder
cholecystopathy any disease of the gallbladder
colitis inflammation of the colon
colorrhagia abnormal discharge from the colon
diabetes mellitus a chronic metabolic disease characterized by the body's decreased ability to utilize carbohydrates and its enhanced ability to utilize proteins and lipids
dudenitis inflammation of the duodenum
enteralgia abdominal pain
enteritis inflammation of the intestine
enterodynia abdominal pain
enterogastritis inflammation of the intestine and stomach
enterohepatitus inflammation of the intestine and liver
enteropathy any intestinal disease
enterrhagia bleeding in the intestinal tract
enterospasm painful peristalsis
enterostenosis narrowing within the intestinal tract
gastritis inflammation of the stomach
gastrocele hernia of the stomach
gastrocolitits inflammation of the stomach and colon
gastroduodenitis inflammation of the stomach and duodenum
gastroenteritis inflammation of the stomach and intestine
hepatitis inflammation of the liver
hepatocele protrusion of a part of the liver through an adjacent structure
hepatogenic originating in the liver
hepatopathy any disease of the liver
hepatorrhexis rupture of the liver
jejunitis inflammation of the jejunum
pancreatalgia pain in the general area of the pancreas
pancreaitis inflammation of the pancreas
pancreatopathy any disease of the pancreas
sialoadenitis inflammation of the salivary gland
sialoangiitis inflammation of a salivary duct
sialorrhea excessive production of saliva
sialostenosis narrowing of a salivary duct
colonoscope device used in colonoscopy
colonoscopy visual examination of the colon with a colonoscope
duodenoscopy visual examination of the duodenum with the aid of an endoscope
enteroscope device for visually examining the intestines
eneroscopy visual examination of the intestines
hepatoscopy examination of the liver
sialography radiography of salivary glands and ducts
enterology branch of medical science dealing with the structure and diseases of the intestinal tract
gastroenterologist a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive system disorders
gastroenterology the specialty concerned with the digestive system
cholecystectomy excision of the gallbladder
cholecystotomy incision into the gallbladder
colectomy excision of all or part of the colon
colopexy fixation of the colon
colostomy surgical establishment of an opening into the colon
colotomy incision into the colon
duodenectomy excision of the duodenum
dudenorrhaphy suture of the duodenum
dudenostomy surgical establishment of an opening in the duodenum
dudenotomy incision of the duodenum
enterectomy excision of part of the intestine
enteropexy surgical fixation of part of the intestine
enterorrhaphy suturing of the intestine
gastrectomy excision of part of the stomach
hepatopexy fixation of the liver
hepatorrhaphy suturing of the liver
jejunectomy excision of all or part of the jejunum
jejunoplasty surgical repair of the jejunum
jejunotomy incision into the jejunum
pancreatotomy incision into the pancreas
sialoadenectomy excision of a salivary gland
sialoadenotomy incision of a salivary gland
cirrhosis a serious liver condition characterized by diffuse deterioration of hepatic cells
diverticulitits inflammation of a diverticulum
diverticulosis presence of diseased diverticula in the intestine
diverticulum a small pouch or sac leading off the main part of the intestine or bladder
ileostomy a surgical opening into the ileum
peristalsis involuntary muscular contractions that propel contents forward through the digestive tract
calculus a kidney stone
electrolyte electricity-conducting compound in solution
external sphincter muscle that controls the release of urine from the first section of the urethra for subsequent expulsion
glomerulus capillary network found inside each nephron
hilum narrow part of the kidney where blood vessels and nerves enter
internal shincter muscle muscle that controls the release of urine from the bladder into the first section of the urethra
kidneys pair of organs that excrete urine
micturition urination
micturition reflex reflex that signals the external sphincter to open
nephron tiny structure within the kidney in which the urine-production process begins
perirenal fat fatty tissue surrounding the renal capsule
renal capsule thin inner covering enclosing the kidney
renal fascia protective outer covering of the kidney
urea natural waste product of metabolism that is excreted in urine
ureters two tubes that transfer urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder
urethra tube that conducts urine away from bladder for expulsion
uric acid natural waste product of metabolism that is excreted in urine
urinary bladder temporary storage receptacle for urine
urine water and soluble substances excreted by the kidneys
cystalgia pain in a bladder, most often used to signify the urinary bladder
nephralgia pain in the kidneys
nephritis inflammation of the kidneys
nephromegaly enlargement of one or both kidneys; renomegaly
nephropathy any disease of the kidney
renal calculus a kidney stone
renal hypoplasia an underdeveloped kidney
renomegaly enlargement of one or both kidneys; nephromegaly
renopathy any disease of the kidney; the preferred term is nephropathy
ureteralgia pain in a ureter
ureteritis inflammation of a ureter
urethralgia pain in the urethra
urethritis inflammation of the urethra
urethrostenosis narrowing of the urethra
ureterography radiography of the ureter
urinalysis analysis of urine
nephrologist a medical specialist who diagnoses and treats disorders of the kidneys
neprology medical specialty dealing with the kidneys
urologist a medical specialist who diagnoses and treats disorders of the urinary system
urology the medical specialty dealing with the urinary system
cystecotmy excision of either the urinary bladder or the gallbladder; excision of the gallbladder is properly, and most often, called a cholecystectomy; since cyst also means cyst, a cystectomy can also mean "surgical removal of a cyst"
cystopexy surgical fixation of either the gallbladder or the urinary bladder; this term is included because it is typical of the dual use of cysto
nephroectomy removal of a kidney
nephrolithotomy incision into the kidney to remove a calculus
nephrorrhaphy suture of the kidney
nephrotomy incision into a kidney
ureterectomy excision of part or all of a ureter
ureterolithotomy incision into the ureter to remove a stone
ureteroplasty surgical repair of a ureter
ureterorrhaphy suture of a ureter
urethrectomy excision of all or part of the urethra
albuminuria presence of protein in urine
anuria absence of urine formation
cystocele hernia of the bladder
cystoscopy visual inspection of the bladder by means of a cystoscope
dialysis filtration to remove colloidal particles from a fluid
diuretic promoting the excretion of urine
dysuria difficult or painful urination
glomerulonephritis renal disease characterized by inflammation of glomeruli
glycosuria urinary excretion of carbohydrates
hematuria urinary excretion of blood
lithotripsy treatment in which a stone in the kidney, urethra, or bladder is broken up into small particles
nephrolithiasis the presence of renal calculi
nephroureterocystectomy excision of a kidney, ureter, and at least part of the urinary bladder
oliguria diminished urine production
polyuria excessive urine production
pyelography radiography of the pelvic area; kidney, ureters, and urinary bladder
pyuria pus in the urine
uremia an excess of urea in the blood
urinogenous adjective denoting urine production
urinometry test of urine for specific gravity
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