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Road to Civil War 2

Dred Scott was a slave
Dred Scott sued in federal court for his freedom based on the fact that his owner had taken him to a free state
In the Dred Scott case the Supreme Court said that African-Americans had no rights because they were not citizens
The court in the Dred Scott case ruled that slavery could exist anywhere in the US
Since the Missouri Compromise prohibited slavery in parts of the Louisiana Territory, the Dred Scott ruling said that it was unconstitutional
This book strengthened the abolitionist movement in the north Uncle Tom's Cabin
Slave owners felt that slavery was necessary for the southern economy
Slave owners claimed that slavery was approved of in the Bible
Slave owners claimed that slavery was a benefit to slaves
This man led a raid into Virginia in order to start a slave revolt John Brown
This man led a slave revolt that resulted in the death of dozens of white people in Virginia in 1831. Nat Turner
In the north, John Brown was viewed as a martyr
Southerners could not understand why people in the north would support John Brown who had committed treason
Southerners lived in constant fear of slave revolts
What event in 1860 triggered the secession of Southern states Lincoln's election
Abraham Lincoln belonged to this anti-slavery political party Republican Party
Southerners feared that, as president, Lincoln would try to end slavery
People who wanted to end slavery immediately were called abolitionists
Southern mistrust of the north increased dramatically due to northern approval of this 1859 event. John Brown's raid
The first southern state to secede from the Union was South Carolina
The southern states that seceded formed what they considered a new nation called the Confederate States of America
At the time of the Fort Sumter attack how many states had seceded from the Union seven
In the north, secession was considered illegal
The event that caused NC to secede was Lincoln's call for troops to forcibly end the rebellion of the Southern States.
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