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Mario stack

SAT words 1-50

Dubious Uncertain, skeptical, doubtful or questionable
Sanctimonious Phony holly, exaggerating or religious feeling
Preempt To supersede, to replace by prior arrangement
Singular Unique, special, remarkable, exceptional
Immutable Unchangeable, permanent steadfast
Affinity Natural attraction
Transient On the move, passing through
Vindictive Be spiteful, wanting to take revenge
Exigent Urgent, pressing, requiring immediate action
Facile Easily done glib
Paradox A self-contradiction
Approbation Is praised, approval, admiration
Mundane Ordinary, routine, common place, not special of this world
Frenetic It describes how one acts when both desperately rushed and disorganized
Precedent Something that comes before something else and serve as an example of or justification for it
Concord Harmony, agreement, a peaceful similarity of attitudes.
Willful Headstrong, stubborn determined to have one's own way
Precipitate Bring about, to set off, to cause to happen
Fauna Refers to animals
Rigorous Exacting, strict, harsh, demanding of precision.
Illicit Forbidden, illegal, improper, taboo.
Reprove Criticize or correct.
Capitulate To surrender, cave in to pressure, to collapse
Robust Strong, Hardy, vigorous
Coalesce To merge, to fuse, to blend together, to continue
Superficial To be shallow, concerned with only the obvious, not deep or probing
Scrutinize To examine carefully, to study in detail.
Aptitude Natural ability, a talent, an inclination towards something that has not yet been mastered
Obfuscate To make unclear, to darken or confuse, to muddle
Harbinger Is a forerunner, something that precedes something else and let's us know it is coming.
Circumspect Cautious, guarded, vigilant
Static Not moving, stationary, lacking movement or growth.
Anarchy Lawlessness, the absences of government or authority; a state of chaos
Colloquial Informal, conversational, common.
Hermetic Airtight or tightly sealed, unaffected by anything outside itself
Expedite Facilitate, to help along, to speed the progress of, to make easier
Impervious Unable to be penetrated, and thus protected from being influenced or touched by an outside force
Apartheid Is a rigid policy of racial segregation
Edify To uplift, to benefit or instruct, especially morally.
Fetter Literally means to restrain, to shackle
Connoisseur Someone who has refined taste in a given area, someone whose experience with something has made him or her an expert.
Compelling Forceful, having a powerful pull
Despot Tyrant, a king or dictator with absolute power who uses it oppressively
Erudite Scholarly, extremely learned, intellectual
Deprecate To deplore, to express strong disapproval of
Vocation A profession or business that one has a strong inclination toward
Auspicious Boding well, heartening, encouraging
Languish To experience prolonged inactivity in a way that weakens or depresses.
Credulous Gullible, eager to believe
Decorous Dignified, in good taste, well-behaved, not offensive
Created by: Marioecu
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