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G.D. Study Questions

1. How did the good times during the 1920s lead to some of the problems during the Great Depression?
2. What was the Great Depression?
3. What were three causes of the Great Depression?
4. What is a tariff?
5. How did the US having high tariffs hurt international trade?
6. When other countries saw we had high tariffs on some of their goods, what did they do?
7. What is the Federal Reserve?
8. Is the Federal Reserve still around?
9. What was/is a run on a bank?
10. Why didn't the banks just give everyone his or her money back when they asked for it?
11. If someone didn't have any money in the bank or stock market, they were not affected by the Great Depression,right?
12. See questions #11, explain your answer.
13. Who was president when the Great Depression started?
14. What did he think was going to happen with the money problems in the country?
15. Was he right?
16. Who was president next?
17. What was his program called?
18. Where did many homeless people set up camp when they lost their homes? (What did they call those places?)
19. How long did the Great Depression last?
20 .We know for sure that FDR's programs cured the Great Depression?
21. What was the Dust Bowl? ( I'll start you off, "The Dust Bowl was an area of the country that...)
22. What did many farmers have to do if they had farms in the Dust Bowl?
23. Was the Dust Bowl a cause of the Great Depression?
24. What caused the Dust Bowl?
25. What was a fire side chat?
26. What percent of US workers were unemployed during the Great Depression?
Created by: Gel