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what is not a function of the nervous system? it produces excretory wastes
The term cns refers to the brain and spinal cord
ciliated cns neuroglia that play an active role in moving the cerebrspinal fluid are called epedymal cells
the sheath of Schwann is also called neurilemma
Bipolar neurons ar ecommonly found in the retina of the eye
A neuronal circuit that concentrates or directs a large number of incomming impulses to a rather small number of neurons is callec converging circuit
The part of a neuron that conducts impulses away from its cell body is called a axon
The point at which an impulse fromone nerve cell is communicated to another nerve cell is the synapse
What is not a function of the autonomic nervous system? innervation of skeletal muscle
Collections of nerve cell bodies outside the cns are called ganglia
The substance released at axon terminals to propagate a nervous impulse is called a neurotransmitter
Salatory conduction is made possible by the myelin sheath
the velocity of nerve impulses conduction is greatest in heavyily mialated, large diameter fibers
The part of the neuron that normally receives stimulus is called a dendrite
an action potential is essential for impulse propagation
Schwann cellsare functionally similar to oligodendrocytes
What is not true of graded potentials? increase amplitude as they move away fromthe stimulus point
the arbor vitae refers to the cerebral white matter
the subarachnoid space lies between what two layers of meninges?? arachnoid and pia
the fissure separating the cerebral hemispheres is the longitudinal fissure
An excitatory neurotransmitter secreted by motor neurons innervating skeletal muscle is acetylcholine
A neural ciruit in which a single impulse is transmitted over and over is a reverberating circuit
What is not a structural feature of a neuron? synaptic cleft
a neuron that has its primary function the job of connecting other neurons is called a association neuron
an inhibitory postsynaptic potential is associated with hyperpolarization
The hypothalmus is the thermostat of the body since it regulates temperature
The frontal lobe is seperated from the temporal lobe by the lateral sulcus
Brocca's area is considered the motor speech area
What is not a structure of the limbic sysytem? caudate nucleus
What is not part of the basal nuclei? sustania nigra
The area of the cortex that is responsible for sensations of a full bladder and the fellings that your lungs are going to burst might, is prolly damage to the viseral sensory area
Loss of ability to play the piano with out having any paralysis or weakness in any muscles might suggest damage to, premotor cortex
Cell bodies of the sensory neurons of the spinal nerves are located in the dorsal root ganglia of the spinal cord
the brain aree that activities that control the state of wakefullness or alertness of the cerebral cortex reticular formation
the function of commissures is to connect corresponding areas of the two hemispheres
the limbic association area of the multimodal association areas provides our emotional impact
A shallow groove on the surface of the cortex is called a sulcus
The cerebrospinal fluid is formed mostly by the chroid plexuses and modified by ependymal cells
the brain stem consists of the midbrain,medulla and pons
The primary auditory cortex is located in the temporal lobe
The primary motor cortex broccas area and the premotor area are located in the frontal lobe
the innermost layer of the meninges delicate and closely associated to the brain surface is the pia matter
A patient has suffered a cerebral hemorrage that has caused dysfunction of the precentral gyrus of his right cerebral cortex, as a result he cannot feel voluntarily move his left arm or leg
Ascending pathways in the spinal cord convey sensory impulses
the pons and cerebellum develop from the embryonic secondary vesicle known as the metencephalon
The suprachiasmatic nucleus is found in the hypothalmus
the vital centers for the control of the heart rate respiration and the blood pressure are located in the medulla
If the posterior portion of the neural tube failed to develop properly the spinal cord may be affected.
a lateral tract in te spinal cord would be rubrospinal
An individual accidentally transected the spinal cord between T1 and L1. This would result in paraplegia
The patellar "knee jerk" reflexisan example of a stretch reflex
Which of the following nerves does not arise from the brachial plexus? phrenic
the three primarylevels of nuetral integration in a somatosensory system include all of the following except the effector level
The posterior side of the thigh' leg and foot is served by the_______ nerve. tibial
A major nerve of the lumbar plexus is the femoral
After axonal injury, regeneration in peripheral nerves is guided by Schwann cells
Nerves that carry impulses toward the CNS only are efferent nerves
Select the correct definition perceptual detection is the ability to detect how much stimulus is applied to the body.
The thickest and longest nerve of the body is found in the sacral plexus
Babinski's sign is when the great toe dorsiflexes and the other toes fan laterally
Irritation of a major nerve of this plexus may cause hiccups cervical plexus
A simple spinal reflex goes along which of the following reflex arcs? receptor, afferent nueron, integration center, efferent nueron, effector
Transduction refers to conversion of receptor energy to stimulus energy
the cranial nerves that have neuralvconnections with the tongue include all except the trochlear
problems in ballance may follow trauma to which nerve? vestibulocochleaer
select the statement that is most correct Ganglia associated with afferent nerve fibers contain cell bodies of sensory neurons
the peripheral nervous system includes sensory receptors
the circuit level of the somatosensory system delivers impulses to the appropriate level of the cerebral cortex
preparing the body for the "fight or flight" response is the role of the sympathetic nervous system
The parasympathetic nervous system is characterized by peripheral ganlia usually near the organs and by short postganglionic fibers
The site of origin of the preganglionic fibers of the parasympatetic nervous system is the brain stem and the sacral region of the sinal cord
Fibers that enter and leave the sympathetic chain without synapsing form structures called white rami communicantes
sympathetic division stimulation causes increased blood glucose, decreased GI peristalis, and increased heart rate and blood pressure
Emotions influence autonic reactions primarily throughintegration in the hypothalamus
the vagus nerve does not innervate the parotoid gland
in contarast to the somatic nervous system, the autonomic nervous sytem uses a two efferent neuron chain
a drug that might be used specifically to reduce heart rate in cardiac patients could be a beta-blocker
the parasympatetic ganglion that serves the eye is the ciliary ganglion
which of the following is not a result of parasympathetic stimulation dilation of the puils
sympathetic responses generally are widespread because preganglionic fibers are short
which is not a plexus of the vagus nerve celiac
the parasympathetic tone determines normal activity of the urinary tract
the autonomic nervous system is not affected by drugs
sympathetic fiberser leave the spinal cord in the thoracolumbar region, and the postganglionic fibers secrete norepineephrine
what structure regulates the amount of light passing to the visual receptors of teh eye iris
receptors for hearing are located in the tympanic membrane
nerve fibers from the medial aspect of each eye cross over to the opposite side at the chiasma
ordinarily it is not possible to transplant tissues from one person to another, yet corneas can be transplanted without tissue rejection. this is because the cornea has no blood supply
taste buds are not found in filiform papillae
dark adaptation involves accumulation of rhodopsin
conscious perception of vision probably reflects activity in the occipital lobe of the cortex
which pairing of terms is incorrectly related quality: multiple frequencies
olfactory cells and taste buds are normally stimulated by substances in solution
which of the following could not be seen as one looks into the eye with opthalmosscope optic chiasma
the cells of the retina in which action potentials are generated are the rods and cones
which of the following is not a characteristic of olfactory receptor cells they are unipolar neurons
an essential part of the maculae involved in static equilibrium is (are) the otoliths
the eye muscle that elevates and turns the eye laterally is the inferior oblique
light passes through the following structures in which have cornea,aqueous humor, len, vitreous humor
visible light fits between Uv and infared
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