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exam 4

Chapters 9 and 10

what is not a function of muscles? excreting wastes
in skeletal muscle contraction calcium apparently acts to promote the brakdown ofglycogen and atp synthesis
The attachment of the muscle to the moving bone is known as insertion
What would be a usual result of resistance exercise? increase the number of myofibrils within the muscle cells
The sites where the motor nerve impulse is transmitted from the nerve endings to the skeletal muscle cell membrane are the neuromuscular junctions
Myosin all of the above(protein found in thick myofilaments, tail and two gobular heads,and contains the actinbinding sites
atransient change in membrane potential where the interior of the cellbecomes slightly less negative is known as depolarization
the striations of a skeletal muscle cell are produced for the most part by the arrangement of myofilaments
what surrounds the individual muscle cell? endomysium
the neurotransmitter released by motor nerve fibers for the muscle stimulation is acetylcholine
the term tendon refers to a rope-like attachment of a muscle to a skeletal element
one functional unit of a skeletal muscle is a sarcomere
In a isometric contraction, the muscle does not change in length but increases tension
the cytoplasm of a muscle cell is called the sarcoplasm
myoglobin has a special function in muscle tissue. It stores oxygen
Muscle tissue doesnt have the property of secretability
An anaerobic metabolic pathway that results in the production of two net atp'sper glucose plus two pyruvic acid molecules glycolysis
The sliding filament model of contraction involves actin andmyosin sliding past each other and partially overlapping
Generation of an action potential doesnt include the arrival of a graded potential at the neuromuscular juntion
a graphic recording of the contractile activity of a muscle cell is a myogram
Muscle contractions can be graded in two ways. wave summation and tetanus would bean example of a graded muscle response by increasing the frequency of stimulation
the staircase effect called treppebest explains why itis important for athletes to warm up
Scissors demonstrate which type of lever? a first class lever
with regard to muscle fiber arrangement in a pennate muscle the fasicles are short and attach obliquelyto acentral tendon
a muscle that provides all the major forcefor producing a specific movement is called an agonist
When the term tricep biceps and quadriceps formspart of a muscle's name you can assume that the muscle has 2 3 or 4 orgins respectively
The muscles that are found the openings of the body are collectively called circular muscles
What muscle inserts by the calcaneal tendon? Gastrocnemius
A lever said to operate at a mechanical advantage is also called a power lever
What muscle does not compress the abdomen? coccygeus
What muscle is not a member of the hamstrings gracilis
A nursing infant develoops a powerfulsuckingmuscle that adukts also use for whistlingcalled the buccinator
In flexing the arm at the elbow, the triceps brachii acts as the antagonist
The Orbicularis oris, closes purses and protrudes the lip
adductor magnus adductor longus and adductor brevis are parts of a large musclemass of the medial compartment of the thigh
The muscle that abducts the arm is the deltoid
A prime mover of hip flexion is the rectus femoris
Muscles that cause plantar flexion include the gastrocnemius and the soleus
the muscle that assists in smilling is the zygomaticus
when considering the levers of your body's muscular system the joints would be considered the fulcrum
Extrinsic muscles of the tongue act to change position of the tongue
An example of a muscle named for its attachments would be the sternocleidomastoid
The levator ani and the coccygeus muscles form the pelvic diaphram
the prime mover of jaw closure,which elevates the jaw is the masseter muscle
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