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Chapter 31

key words
Chapter 31 On The Job Property of Ms. Anita
re-booking the process of scheduling clients for return visits
client base clients you serve on a regular basis
motives for buying what we need to know for client product sales
assertive personality determination, ____________________ and ambition are needed to be a successful sales professional
retailing recommending and selling professional products to clients for at-home care
up-selling services recommending and selling additional professional services
personal budget financial planning to manage expenses and debts
employee evaluation feedback on skills, career direction and growth
tips tips
commission compensation paid as a direct result of your service dollars for the salon
salary plus commission compensation structure to motivate and increase productivity
salary the best compensation for salon professionals without a clientele
assistant excellent opportunity for a recent graduate
salary, commission, salary plus commission the three standard methods of employee compensation
compensation work you are actually paid for
job description document outlining all duties and responsibilities of your position
people skills to be an effective team player, practice and perfect__________
client service in the service business your work revolves around
position that is right for you being honest and evaluating your skills helps to find
less flexible compared to school, your real world work experience is
Created by: AnitaLee
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