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Chapter 30

key wordsmeanings
persistance along with self-motivation, and energy is how most professionals become successful
technical skill most important factor in learning for licensing test performance
strong test taking skills beneficial for licensure test, even if you know subject material
deductive reasoning the process of reaching logical conclusions by employing logical reasoning
small independent salon owned by an individual/2 or more partners, having 3 to 40 stations
individual/2 or more partners owners of basic/full service independent salons/chains/day-spas consisting of 5 or more salons
franchise salons chains of salons sharing a national name, consistent image and business formula
high-end a salon/spa offering services with luxurious extras and higher prices
resume written summary of work and education experience provided to employers
transferable skills skills mastered at other jobs that can be put to use in other positions
portfolio a bound collection of photos/documents used to showcase your skills and accomplishments
networking the technique of making contact with salons and professionals
thank-you note sent to salon representative after salon visit
informed comparisons important in selecting or interviewing salons for potential employment
resume/cover letter items sent to establishments after observing and targeting salons for employment
identification/social security number necessary employment and interview information and materials
race, religion, date of birth, and national origin issues and questions not allowed in employment applications or interviews
work ethic taking pride in your work, committing yourself to doing your best for clients and employers
positive first impression projected thru a warm, friendly smile and confident posture
personal inventory of characteristics and skills recommended reviewing of goals thru important questions
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