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Chapter 29

acrylates ingredients from a sub-family of acrylics
methacrylates recently developed gel technology using chemistry from
urethane methacrylates newer UV gel chemicals
low odor an advantage of gel systems
each layer is cured with UV lights how gels differ from other nail enhancements
opaque pots of squeeze tubes how gel products are packaged
synthetic type of brush used to apply UV gel
wattage measurement of electricity a bulb consumes
oligomer short chain of polymers, not long enough to be a polymer
60* to 85* F ideal temperature for storing nail adhesives
shorten nail tips before gel application to prevent gel seal from breaking during filing
manufacturer instruction determines curing time for gel products
inhibition layer tacky surface left on nail after curing
seal final layer of gel, brushed under free edge of nail
base coat gel first layer of UV gel
tiny margin between gel and skin reduces client skin irritation and sensitivity
vertical strokes use to remove oily shine on natural nails
2 to 3 weeks how often UV gel enhancements should be rebalanced
medium abrasive used to check and refine nail contour of UV gel nails
sealer gel the third layer of UV gel, also the finishing layer
Created by: AnitaLee
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