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exam 3

Chapters 6, 7, 8

Which of the following is not a function of rhe skeletal system? Communication
The structural unit of compact bone is the osteon
Bones constantly undergo absorption for various reasons. Which of the followingcells accomplishes this process? Osteoclast
The sternum is considered a blank bone. flat
Wolff's law is concerned with The thickness and shape of a bone determinined by mechanical and gravitational stresses placed on it.
Spongy bones are made up of framework of weblike extensions called Trabeculae
Which hormone is important for bone growth during infancy and childhood? Growth hormone
Which fracture would be least likely in a 92 yer old Greenstick
The most abundant skeletal cartilage type, which can be found in the external nose is hyaline
A fracture in the shaft of a bone would be a break in the Diaphysis
The structure of bone tissue suits the functioon, Which of the following bone tissue is adapted to support weight and withstand tension stress? compact bone
the inferiormost part of the sternum is the xiphoid process
The axial skeleton contains the skull vertebral column and rib cage
The pituitary gland is housed in the Sella turica of the spheniod
the hyoid bone is unique because this bone doesnt articulate with any other bone
The external auditory meatus is found in the temporal bone
Whichphrase best describes the function of the vertebral curves? provide resilience and flexibility
A round or oval opening through a bone is known as foramen
The body of a typical lumbar vertebra is nearly kidney shaped
Which part of the vertebral column receives the most streee by bearing most of the weight of the body? the lumbar region
The anitbrachium is composed of which of the following two bones? radius and ulna
The skullbone that that the foramen magnum passes through is the occipital
what forms the orbits? it is formed by both facial and cranial bones
What one typically describes as their outer ankleis formed by the lateral malleolus
a headache with painand pressure above the teeth or around the cheeks, would most likely be caused from the maxillary sinuses
A large round projection on a bone might be called a condyle
Articular cartilage found at the ends of the long bones serves to provide a smooth surface at the ends of the synovial joints
Connective tissue sacs lined with synovial membranes that act as cushions in places where friction develops are called bursae
Articulations permitting virtually no movements are synarthroses
the gliding motion of the wrist is accomplished because of the plane
Bending you head backwards until it hurts is an example of hyperextension
Fibrous joints are classified as sutures,syndesmoses and gomphoses
When one is moving a limb away fromthe median plane of the body long the frontal plane, it is called abduction
The terms inversion and eversion pertain only to the feet
The shoulder joint is a goood example of a blank synovial joint. multiaxial
when a ballerina points the toes it is known as plantar flexion
when ligaments reinforcing a joint are stretched or torn you may have sprain
Whatis not true about hip joints the hip joint relies mainly on muscles for stabilization.
Anatomical characteristics of a synovial joint include all of the above/articular cartilage, joint cavity, and an articular capsule
an autoimmune disease markedby the flare ups and periodsofremission in which joints become tender and stiff is rheumatoid arthritis
Structures of the knee joint that helpdeepen the shallow tibial articulating surfaces and also help diminish side to side rocking of the femur on the tibia are the menisci
the four tendons associated muscles that encircle the shoulder joint tohelp stabilize it make upthe rotator cuff
The most stabilizing factor of the knee and shoulder joint is the strength and health of the muscles and tendons crossing these joints
Opposable thumbs are possible because of the saddle joint
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