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Carnegie Nutrition

nutrition quiz review ma winter 2015

nutrition how the body uses food for growth and development and maintenance of health
malnutrition an inadequate supply of nutrients
deficiency disease a lack of essential nutrients
what are the results of deficiency disease? Scurvy and rickets
what causes scurvy? Missing vitamin C
what causes rickets? Missing vitamin D
how low calorie foods high calorie, low nutrition foods
digestion breakdown of food
enzyme inorganic substance that help speed up chemical reactions, helps with digestion
absorption the movement of nutrients from the intestine into the bloodstream
metabolism how food is used after digestion and absorption in the production of energy
basal metabolic rate BMR the amount of energy you need to maintain vital function at rest
calorie amount of heat or energy produced by a food
essential nutrient a nutrient not made by the body, you must get it from food
registered dietitian someone who has a bachelor's degree in food and nutrition science and passed an exam with the American Dietetic Association (ADA)
dietetics application of nutrition science to individuals
what qualifies a food substance as a nutrient? Supply heat and energy, build and repair two shoes, regulate body processes
which nutrients are responsible for most of your body's build and repair? Proteins
which nutrients are necessary for metabolic reactions to proceed normally? ( regulate body functions) vitamins and minerals
list some general characteristics of malnutrition decreased resistance to disease and infection, slowed growth and development in children, weight loss
which groups of people are naturally more prone to malnutrition? Elderly, children, adolescents, chronically ill, poor
where does most nutrient absorption take place? Small intestine
where does most water absorption take place? Large intestine
what might cause someone's minimum calorie requirements to vary? Activity levels, age, body mass, gender, pregnancy
what must a food substance accomplished be considered a nutrient? Build and repair tissue
which nutrient helps regulate body processes? which nutrient helps regulate body processes? Minerals and vitamins
Scurvy, which results from the lack of the essential nutrients vitamin C is an example of Deficiency disease
when you calculate the minimum salary requirements for someone you are calculating calories needed to perform activities of daily living and maintain current weight
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