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Carnegie MOPS filing

MOPS Filing Unit Test Review

Name the five steps to filing in the correct order. Conditioning, Releasing, Indexing, Coding, and Sorting.
What is Conditioning? Removing paper clips and staples
What is Releasing? Physicians initials - ok to file
What is Indexing? Deciding where to file
What is Coding? Underlining Subject
What is Sorting? Papers face up, most recent on top
Transferring a file means: Sending file from active to inactive to closed
What is used as a temporary replacement of folders/charts removed from the permanent files? Out guides or out folders
Card files with the names of the 12 months and numbered 1 through 31 in chronological order is referred to as: Tickler file
A person's surname refers to his/her: Last name
In filing, nothing comes before: Something
A numeric filing system is an indirect filing system, that would require a: Alphabetic cross reference
A direct system is alphabetical and would not need a: Cross reference
In alphabetical filing, Unit I, Unit II, and Unit III refer to: Unit I - last name (surname) Unit II - first name (given name) Unit III - middle name
Deciding where to file a paper is known as Indexing
Files that are reserved for current, on-going patients would be referred to as: Active
What gives support to the file folders and visually cuts search time? Divider guides
When space is limited, the best economical choice for filing would be: Open shelf lateral
Micro-records are also known as: Microfilm or microfiche
What is the medium that photographed records are saved on? Microfilm or microfiche
Vital papers such as titles, deeds or other legal documents should be kept: Indefinitely
If patient is still living the case history is kept: Indefinitely
One example of a built-in safeguard to prevent misfiling is: Color coding
When there may be confusion over surnames, such as in the case of a female patient who has just married and taken on her husband's name, the file should be: Cross referenced
Tax records should be kept in: Archives
A filing system is only as good as the: Findability (of everything in it)
Canceled checks should be kept: Three years in a fireproof cabinet and indefinitely in dead storage
Another name for a terminated patient file is: Closed file
Financial statements, such as payroll, records, active correspondence, and triage notes are kept: 7 years
Insurance policies are kept: Current policy in a fireproof cabinet, expired policies can be thrown away unless there is a case pending
Professional liability - policies are kept indefinitely
Created by: ma2b