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Inter War

What did Woodrow Wilson say in 1918? They needed to "make the world safe for democracy."
What did Neville Chamberlain say on September 30, 1938? "Peace for out time."
Germany was _______ after the Treaty of _______. Humiliated, Versailles
What does LAMB represent? L-land loss, League of Nations, A-Germany's army reduced down to 1000 men, M-money, war reparations, B-Article 231 blamed Germany for the war
Who did not get what they wanted out of the treaty? Italy
Who left they treaty discussions, and why? Japan, and because they felt as though they were being left out.
What was the problem with these nations agreeing about the treaty? They all didn't get what they wanted, this made more reason to go against each other/Europe and US.
Why was the League of Nations established? For countries to work out their problems diplomatically and make sure that war would not break out again.
What country wasn't admitted into the League of Nations? Germany
Why did the World Depression hit Europe first? Because of the Treaty of Versallies
What was destroyed by WW1? Millions of acres of usable land.
What were many returning soldiers welcomed back with? Open arms but small amount of jobs.
What happened when supply of workers does up? Demand goes down
When did the US go into their depression? 1929
What happened to Europe after the US went into depression? They went into a deeper depression
Some major countries in ___ recovered sooner then others. What did this cause? Europe Future problems
What did Germany have no regulations on? Amount of money they printed.
What happened as a result to having so much money printed? High inflation rates
How much money was needed to buy a loaf of bread? A wheelbarrow full of German dollars
What did needing so much money to buy items lead to? The Perception that the German dollar had no worth anywhere in the world
What were some stories about the German dollar? People sweeping money into the sewers, and children using stacks of money as building blocks.
What was the recipe for change? Have a strong leader to follower, blame others for your problems, have ideas to fix the problem, have many followers
How do you remember the recipe for change? FIBS F-followers, I-ideas, B-blame, S-strong leader
What were Russian citizens not happy with? Their leadership
Who was a powerful king that did not have a lot of popularity? Tsar Nicholas ll
What did Russia fail in? Russo-Japanese War and WW1
What was about to emerge to lead the angry people? Strong leader
Who was to the rescue? Vladimir Putin
What did russian leadership want to stop? Fighting
Russia was losing which front? Eastern
A _____ was to be made with Germany. Peace Treaty
Where was Germany flexing its military muscle? What did this cause Russia? Eastern front. To panic and adopt some radical negotiations.
Much of western Russian _______ was given to Germany and allowed to ________. farmland, used against the allies
Russia was not out of the war and could do what? Focus on winning at home
When was Czar Nicholas ll killed? What happened one he died? 1917, Russia went through hard times, and one revolt had occurred
What were set up before communism takes form? Temporary governments
______, _______, and ______ would later take control in 1918. Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Lenin Trotsky
Who were the reds and the whites? Reds- communists Whites-Czarists and Democratic supports
Who was the leader of the reds and whites? Reds-Lenin Whites-didn't have leader
The _______ of Europe sent support to the ______ almost giving them enough for victory democracies, whites
What did many Russian peasants do to defend their homeland? Turning tide into what? Rose up War
As a result of the Russian Revolt a what country had been established? And Lenins ____ ______ was formed. Socialist country classless society
What name change happens to Russia? Russia to the Soviet Union
Where was the Russian capital moved to? Moscow
This new form of government was close to ___ nation with censorship, seizing of ___ and ___ used to monitor population. Czarist, surplus, secret police
Who was Karl Marx? German philosopher against capitalism.
Karl Marx primarily wrote when? 1800s
Marx's first major socialist state was in _______ in _____. Russia, 1920's
Who was not originally selected by Lenin to take over? Joseph Stalin
Stalin was not Lenin's hopeful _____, it was Trotsky. successor
Stalin wanted control over _____. Trotsky
Stalin used his influence in _______ and ____ to gain support. government, military
Where was Trotsky exiled to? Siberia then Mexico
Stalin means what? What was he considered to the Soviet people? Man of steel Superman
What would be the legacy of Stalin's reign? Military expansion and oppression
Every country needs to produce __ to survive. food
____ was not entirely dismissed by Stalin. Agriculture
Stalin saw that ____ was how a country showed its strength. industry
When you expand your industry you can do what? Build more thing to help grow your economy
Expanding your ____ can also help build your _____. industry, military
Who did Stalin persecute many people? those who opposed him
Many men and women were oppressed and killed by Stalin's ___ or ____. military, secret police
What were Gulags? a fancy term or prison in Russia
Labor Camps and Gulags were set up to _______. House Stalin's enemies
Who did Stalin also kill? those he thought threatened his power inside his own government and military
Stalin's Purge weakened the ___ leadership and hurt Russia in the ____. Soviet, coming wars
Will we ever know how many people were actually killed in Stalin's Purge? What are numbers said to be? No we won't , 30 million people
Created by: 18ShoupK