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Basic Legal Vocab

Mr. G’s Legal Terms

1. Two parts: clear explanation and permission from competent and voluntary patient. Informed Consent
2. Voluntary agreement between two or more people with three parts. Contract
3. Person who claims harm, and brings charges against the alleged offender. Plaintiff
4. Protects all citizens from people who pose a threat to society. May impose punishments. Criminal Laws
5. Occurs when someone's reputation is intentionally damaged by another making false statements. Defamation of character
6. Occurs when someone unintentionally harms a person by acting in an improper way. Negligence
7. Cannot enter into a legal contract because of age, unconscious or incompetent. Legal disability
8.An agreement that is understood without being stated in words or writing. Implied Contract
9.Occurs when someone intentionally interferes with a person’s right to be left alone. Invasion of Privacy
10.Focuses on disputes between people. If guilty money is paid to the plaintiff Civil Laws
11.The alleged offender. Defendant
12.An agreement that is specifically and clearly stated. Agreement may be made either in words or writing. Expressed Contract
13.Occurs when a health care worker unintentionally harms patients as a result of not following their profession’s scope of practice. Malpractice
14.Occurs when someone intentionally touches another person without the person’s permission. Battery
15.Occurs when someone speaks false words about another. Slander
16.Occurs when someone publishes false text or images of another. Libel
17.Occurs when a person intentionally threatens or attempts to harm a person. Assault
18. Occurs when someone intentionally violates a person’s freedom. False imprisonment
19.A case in which a person is harmed because of another person’s actions or failure to act. A civil wrong. Tort
20. What health care workers should and should not do according to their profession. Scope of practice
21. I am rules of conduct enacted and enforced by governments Laws
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