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2S051 Vol 5

Self Test

1. What type of HHT uses an ‘Open Air’ configuration Janus 2020 HHT.
2. What will be displayed if the login is successful The SATS MAIN MENU.
1. Name the two different ways to boot an HHT Warm boot to preserve the current settings, or cold boot to reset to factory settings.
2. During what procedure will the current configuration settings be retained Warm.
3. What is not retained on a cold boot SATS application.
1. At minimum, what operating system must be loaded in order to flash an HHT Window 95.
2. What software must be loaded prior to flashing the 2010 or 2020 HHT WinLoader Flashing Software.
3. As a prerequisite, should the 5023 HHT be in the Comm dock No.
1. What does the Receipt process allow the user to perform on an HHT Receipt transactions.
2. What type of movements does SATS allows users to perform Individual or bulk.
3. What is the purpose of the ‘Put Away’ process sending an FCS message to the Materiel Management System, What is the message sent To let the user know there is no warehouse location for the item in question. Either “Blank,” or “NO WHSE LOC’s.”
4. What type of “Pulls” may the user perform when using an HHT Regular, High Priority, Pull by Label.
5. When do shipments and DRMS items require a smart card Only if it’s a base requirement or for classified items.
6. What allows the user to process rejects that resulted from Receipts Reject process.
1. Why is receiving the primary area of input to SATS Because it utilizes the scanning of incoming receipts (TRIC REC) from depots and other bases.
2. Under the ‘Reject and Movement’ function, when does SATS track an interim location for an item Prior to putting an item on the shelf or prior to its delivery.
3. What two steps need to be taken when assets are ready to be moved into the warehouse location First scan SATS ID, and then the warehouse location.
4. What does the ‘Identify Pull’ screen allow the user to identify Identify location for which they are responsible.
5. When will the ‘Delivery’ function allow the user to create a new delivery document When the document was created in the Materiel Management System, but for some reason did reach SATS.
1. When using the Report process, what are the three report Selection Types that are common to almost every report User-ID, Date, or User-ID and Date.
2. What report allows users to review items not put away in history, by generating a report that displays all Notice to Stock records not put away in history Items Not Put Away History.
3. What does the User List report list SATS users by active users and all users.
4. What report lists any errors that have occurred in SATS Errors Report.
1. What function of the ‘Maintenance’ menu can be used to review, update, or create a new maintenance area or shop Organization/Shop Code.
2. How do you edit an existing squadron code on the computer keyboard. Enter either the squadron code in the Code field, or the codes in the Description field, and then press Enter
3. What sub-process allows users to log into the HHT in batch mode using the workstation Batch HHT Logging process.
1. What does the Materiel Management System Interface replace Processing of transactions by individual users from their own Materiel Management System sessions and the printing of documents.
2. What does the fileserver house SATS database.
1. What is a business area A logical grouping of database tables or views that apply to your specific data requirements.
2. What are workbooks and worksheets A workbook is like a three-ring-binder filled with specific data for reports. The workbook has pages, or worksheets, that contain data for different options of the report.
3. What is the relationship called that must exist between different data elements before a user can select data from different folders Joins.
5. What are the four workbook display options Table, Crosstab, Page-Detail Table, and Page-Detail Crosstab.
6. What data item has been designated as a Page Item in figure 2-7 Stock Record Account Number.
7. What two Conditions were created in figure 2-9 ERRCD and SRAN.
8 What are parameters used for To filter out unnecessary data and find the specific information you want when opening a workbook.
9. How are Parameters different from Conditions Parameters offer you a choice and help you open a workbook quickly to see just the data that you want to see. Conditions are specific, fixed statements. Conditions are designed more for analysis so you can apply Condition statements.
1. What is the difference between Discoverer Plus and Discoverer Viewer Plus is a live interaction with the database. Information retrieved with Viewer is taken from the most current snapshot of the database.
2. What report types are listed in Discoverer Viewer Pre-defined reports.
3. What does Export allow you to do Transfer data to other application formats.
1. What component allows the capability to view assets across the logistics chain community Enterprise Asset Visibility (EAV).
2. How many DODACCs can be searched when using the Filter by DODAAC One or many.
1. How many sections is the Common Issue tab divided into Two.
2. The Order Page defaults to what tab Maintenance Issue Tab.
3. Upon completion of processing, what will the Materiel Management System pass back to the ESS application Management or reject notice.
4. What transaction allows the customer of the Depot Retail system to input the issues Depot Retail Issue (D7K).
5. What transaction allows the authorized user to input a requisition directly to the SCS wholesale system Requisition (A0_).
1. In what three legacy systems does ES-S provide the capability to query and view orders Materiel Management System; D035K; D035A.
2. What three sections is the Order Selection Page is divided into Primary Selection Criteria, Secondary Selection Criteria, Display Criteria.
3. When using the Display Criteria to submit order queries, how many separate sort orders for the return data may be selected Three.
4. When viewing the Order List Page, what are the order details based on Primary and Secondary election Criteria.
1. What function enhances your ability to efficiently query transaction information for internal andexternal audits Audit Data Query.
2. How does entering multiple key fields affect your results The more key fields entered, the narrower the search results will be.
1. What types of items does the D035E compute user stock levels for ERRCD XD.
2. What process or system provides stock number transaction history and an interrogation capability to display the history Recoverable Assembly Process (RAMP).
1. What provides a single, on-line interface to multiple logistics information systems managed by the DOD and GSA Logistics Information Network (LINK).
2. What system is DLA’s materiel management system Standard Automated Materiel Management System (SAMMS).
3. What system provides transactional information to VLIPS Defense Automated Addressing System (DAAS).
1. Which gang is used to process reports Secondary.
2. If your primary gang is 3; what is your secondary gang number 7.
1. What terminal emulation program provides the ‘look’ of the green screens common in the days prior to PCs INFOConnect.
2. What are two very important entries required for the session profile and to complete the INFOConnect configuration Position identifier (PID); site identifier (SID).
1. What are the five components of IPF Command Language; User Assistance (UA) 1100; Edit 1100; Distributed Data Processing (DDP); Procedures.
2. What location is an area in memory where users enter data or make changes to existing information Workspace.
3. What type of features are easy-to-learn and easy-to-remember keywords in a consistent format Command Language.
4. What type of assistance provides online help to the user of the interactive processing facility (IPF) User Assistance (UA) 1100.
5. When in full screen mode, where must the general editing commands be entered Command line at the top of the display.
1. What is the primary role of SIFS To dispatch incoming and outgoing data images for each supply account.
2. What type of files provide users with the capability to re-direct specified TRICs or program images to another file SIFS user files.
3. What is the purpose of SIFS residue files SIFS residue files are designed to ensure that any inbound or outbound images that could not be identified or dispatched are cleared in a timely manner.
Created by: (T)Sgt C
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