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exam 2

chapters 4 and 5

Organizedgroups of cells that work together to carry out a commonpurpose form a tissue
Epithelial tissues are classified accordong to Cell shape, number of cell layers present
the shape of the ear is maintained by the elastic cartilage
Glandssuch as the thyroid that secrete their products directly into the blood rather than through ducts are classified as endocrine
Which of these is not considered connective tissue muscle
blankepithelium appears to have two or three layers of cells but all the cells are in contact with the basementmembrane pseudostratified
Which of the following statements about connective tissue is true? all of the above
a single celled layer of epithelium that forms the walls of the alveoli ni the lungs is simple squamous
the fiber type that allows connectivet tisse to stretch and return to normal size is elastic
blank are commonly found wedged between simple columnar epithelial cells and function to produce mucus Goblet cells
which of the following tissue types is most widely distributed tissue in the body connective
Which of the following is true about the mode of secretion of exocrine glands merocrine glands are not altered by the secretory process
osteocytes would be found in bone tissue
the tissue found in the brainthat is responsible for transmitting electrical impulses is nervous
which of the following statement regardingmuscle tissue is not true smooth muscle is located within the blood vesselsand is under voluntary control
All of the following are major components ofconnective tissue except ectoderm
blank would be found in tendons and ligaments Dense irregular connective tissue
Intercalated discs would be found in cardiac muscle
In addition to protection physical and chemical barrier the skin serves other functions. which of the following is another vital function of the skin? its involved in body temperature regulation
skin color is determined by all of the above/ the amount of blood present, the amount of pigments, the amount of hemoglobon present
Acne is a disorder associated with sebaceous glands
the dermis has two layers
if a splinter penetrated the skin into the second epidermal layer of the sole of the foot which cells would be damaged lucidum
Sudoriferous glands vary ib distribution over the surface of the body, which of the following is correct> cercuminous glands secrete cerumen which is thought to deter insects
the reason the hypodermis acts as a shock absorber is that the major part of its makeup is adipose,which serves as an effective shock absorber
Keratinocytes are an important epidermal cell because they produce keratin which gives the skin much of its protective properties
The epidermis consists of five layers of cells each layer with a distinct role to play in the health, well being and functioning of the skin which of the following layers is responsible for cell division and replacement stratum basale
whatis cool about fingerprints they are genetically determined therefore unique to each person
A Langhans cell is a Specialized phagocytic cell
Sudoriferous(sweat)glands are categorized as two distinct types, what r the two types of sweat glands eccrine and apocrine
apocrine glands are found where? in the axillary and inguinal area
what is the first threat to life from massive third degree burn catastrophic fluid loss
An arrector pili muscle is a smooth muscle/ under involuntary control and can cause the hair to stand erectly (all of the above)
Melanocytes produce a brownish colored pigment
the rule of nines is helpful clinically in estimating the extent of a burn
thes sensations of touch and pressure are picked up by the receptors located in the dermis
The most important factors influencing hair growth are nutrition and hormones
the apperance of blisters after a burn woukd indicate a second degree burn
Select the most correct statement concerning skin cancer melanomas are rare but most can be removed quickly to prevent them from metastasizing
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