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Exam 1

chapters 1,2,3

Gunther von hagens studues human body structur in his structural display known as body worlds Anatomist
which of the folowing would be agood example of complementarity of structure and function. Bones can support and protect body organs because they contain hard mineral deposits.
A horizontal sectionthorugh the body dividing it into top and bottom is called transverse
Whichvbody cavity protects the fragile organs of the nervous system dorsal
the bladder lies in the blank cavity Pelvic
Which of the following would not be a functional characteristics of life? decay
The single most abundant chemical substance of the body accounting for 60% to 80%of body weight is water
Which of the following statements is true concerning feedback mechanisms negative feedback mechanisms work to prevent sudden severe changes within the body
the body's ability to maintain a relatively stable internal environmeny even though the external is constantly changing is homeostasis
Survival needs of the body include Nutrients, water atmospheric pressure and oxygen
Choose the following statement that is not completely correct regarding serous membranes Serous membranes are only foundin the dorsal body cavities
Which of the following ventral body cavities has no bony protection? abdominal cavity
The serous membrane associated with the abdomen peritonem
The system that includes the nose trachea and lungs is the respiratory system
The organ system that includes the skin hair nalis and receptors is the integumentary system
In anatomical position the nose is ? to the eyes? medial
whichof the following is not a function od the muscular system? produces hormones
Which of the following organ systems is responsible for rapid communication throughout the body? the nervous system
the state of matter that has neither shape nor the volume is a gas
oxygen has atomic number of 8 this tells us oxygen has 8 protons
Very small subatomic particles found orbiting the nucleus of an atom are electrons
Abond formedbetweenoppositley charged particles is known as an ionic bond
A solution that has a pH of 2 is considerd acidic
blank is a suspensiion Blood
Building blocks of proteins are amino acids
factors that accelerate the rate of chemical reactions include all except increasing the particle
Water's importance to living systems reflects its polarity and solvent properties/ its heat capacity/ its high heat of vaporization
The elctricity in your homeand the electrical impulses of the nervous system are an example of electrical energy
Which of the following is a concept of the cell theory a cell is the basic structural and functional unit of living organisms
the plasma membrane is the lipid bilayer surrounding the cell
Passive membrane transport processes include a movement of a substance down its concentration gradient
Which of the following is a concept of cell theory? A cell is a basic structural and functional unit of living organisms
Dna structure is a double helix. if we know one strand of the doublehelix contains the bases CGA TAT CAG what would its complementary strand contain? GCT ATA GTC
RNA differs from dna in that, rna is a single strand, contains uracil, contains ribosomes
The process bywhich a cell engulfs a substance such as a bacterium is knownas phagosyctosis
The three main parts of the cell include all f the following except mitochandria
During the cell cycle the period of the normal growth is known as interphase
DNA replication Ensures both daughter cells of mitosisrecive identical genetic information, occurs during interphase of the cellcycle, is semiconservative
The organellethat is the sight of the atp synthesis and is known as the powerhouse of the cell is mitochandria
Which of the followingstaements regarding the cytoskeleton of the cell is not true The cytoskeleton plays an important role in degrading worn out organelles
During anaphase sister chromatids move to opposite poles
A genecan be best be defined as a segment of dna that carries theinstructions for one polypeptide chain
Diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane is known as osmosis
the organelles that contains digestive enzymes and helps break down old organelles are lysosomes
The organelles that packages, modifies and segregates proteins for secretion from the cell is the golgi apparatus
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