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Reproductive System/Disorders Test 2/13/15

Pregnancy hormone Progesterone
Gametes Sex Cell Ova - female Gamete - male
How many chromosomes do gametes have? each has 23 single chromosomes
What produces Ova? Ovaries
What produces Sperm? Testes
Where does fertilization occur? Fallopian Tubes
Organ of Embryonic Development? Uterus
Sac where immature ova is? Graafian Follicle
Function of progesterone? Thickens the uterine lining to prepare for pregnancy
How long does it take for the egg to reach the Uterus? 5 days
Gravida/Para # of pregnancies/ # of live births
Suturing of vagina? Colporrhaphy
Visual exam of vagina? Colposcopy
Abortion with partial retention of placenta? Incomplete
Abortion that is initiated by mechanical/chemical means Induced
Abortion with fetus dead, but not expelled? Missed
Where are male gonads? Scrotum
Name of hormone formed in gonads? Testosterone
20 ft. of coiled tube in the sac, where sperm mature? Epididymis
Where are the sperm formed? Seminiferous Tubules
Where are the sperm stored? VasDeferens
Which gland produces semen? Seminal Vesicle
Sperm life span in female? 24 - 48 hours
Failure of testes to descend? Cryptorchidism
Stenosis of the foreskin of the penis? Phimosis
Common in elderly men causes dysuria? Benign Prostate Hypertrophy, BPH
Copulation Intercourse
What function does prostate fluid have? Makes semen more watery, so sperm can swim. Thins down the syrupy glucose mixture. Alkaline.
Name from 0 - 3 months? Embryo
Name from 3 mos - birth? Fetus
Name of protective fluid in placenta? Amniotic Fluid
PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Endometriosis Pieces of endometrial tissue found aberrantly in various locations in the pelvic cavity
Ectopic Pregnancy 95% in the fallopian tubes
Fibrocystic disease Benign cyst in breast
Toxemia Hypertensive disorder of pregnancy, Eclampsia & Preeclampsia - immediate c-section
Mammary abscess A localized collection of pus
D & C Dilation & Curettage
For which DX might you perform a D & C? Miscarriage, abortion, heavy bleeding.
What is removed in a panhysterectomy? All of the Uterus.
Salping Tube
Metr Uterus
Colp Vagina
Perine Perineum
Men Menses
Mamm Breast
Lact Milk
Gravid Pregnancy
Perine Perineum
Ov Eggs
Test Testes
Andre Male
Vas Vasdeferens
Primip First live birth
Hyster Uterus
Orchid Testes
Crypt hidden
Prostat Prostate
Vulv Vulva
Para Living off spring
Anovulation No ovulation
Menarche Onset of menses
Amenorrhea Absence of menses
Dysmenorrhea Painful menses
Fibroids Benign tumors
Describe the number of ovaries 2
ovaries Located one on each side of the uterus, in the pelvic cavity
What structures keep ovaries in their normal position? They are held in place by the Broad Ligaments.
What does the ovary contain? Immature eggs.
In which structure does the ova mature? Graafian Follicle
What is the name for the immature sac? Graafian Follicle
What is the name of the mature sac? Corpus Luteum
Which structure secretes estrogen? Graafian Follicle
Which structure secretes progesterone? Corpus Luteum
What is the difference between ova/sperm and other body cells? ova/sperm - each has 23 single chromosomes, other body cells - 23 pair of chromosomes.
What is the major function of progesterone? Thickens Uterine Lining
What is the major function of estrogen? Secondary Sex Characteristic
If fertilization does not occur, what happens to the corpus luteum? shrivels up and goes away
Describe the fallopian tubes and their function egg carrying tubes
Give the term for finger-like extensions of fallopian tubes Fimbriae
What is the inner layers of the Uterus mainly involved in during menstruation? Endometriosis
What is the name of the structures found near the vaginal opening and assist in lubrication? Bartholin Glands
Describe the vagina Smooth muscle tube, lays in folds (rugae fold), birth canal, expands in size.
Describe the uterus and include the sections and layers Pear Shaped, Highly muscular, organ of embryonic development.
Name the three sections of the uterus Fundus, Body, Cervix
Uterus Hyster or Metr
Vagina Colp
Tubes Salpingo
Perineum perine
Menses Mens
Created by: wenchie040