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2S071 Vol 3 URE

How are material deficiency report (MDR)/ product quality deficiency reports (PQDR) exhibit items readily identified in stock? I012 Management Notice.
What transaction identification code (TRIC) is used to load warehouse location and the material deficiency report (MDR)/product quality deficiency reports (PQDR) report control number of the exhibit? DFM
Who performs normal inspection functions which include certifying work by the receiving inchecker, changing the stock number, unit of issue, and quantity if required? Qualified inspectors.
What do you do if the original documents are missing or badly mutilated? Fill out a new document based on the information you find from the mutilated documents.
Which transaction identification code (TRIC) should an inspector use to transfer an unserviceable shelf life asset to maintenance? MSI
What is the purpose of the AF Form 2032, Inspection Extension? Update inspection data.
What list is published by Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) that provides data on products which have been tested or condemned? Quality Status List (QSL).
What transaction identification code (TRIC) is processed to load or delete the functional check flag indicator (F) on functional check assets? FCD
How often are functional check listings run? Semiannually
Which materiel management personnel identify and control all items in stock requiring compliance with technical orders (TO)? Procedures and analysis.
Who forwards two copies of each time-compliance technical order (TCTO) publication with a cover letter to the inspection function? Base Maintenance quality control.
A time-compliance technical order (TCTO) item is identified in the computer by a TCTO flag or by NPPC 4
Which computer input is used to load a suspect materiel flag to an item? FCD with an “S” in position 48.
Who maintains inquiry images for items that are unsuitable for Air Force use? Materiel Management inspector.
Inspection Offline Checklist (R32) should be processed at least Monthly
What Department of Defense (DOD) system provides an automated database of specific manufacturer’s materiel safety data sheet (MSDS) information readily available to Air Force personnel? Hazardous Materials Information Resource System (HMIRS).
The document that specifies materiel safety data sheets (MSDS) requirements for government purchases is Federal Standard (FED-STD)–313.
Which issue exception (IEX) codes identify health hazard items? “8,” “9,” and “M.”
Which activity must approve all additions or deletions to the Health Hazard Approval Listing (HHAL)? Bioenvironmental Engineering Services (BES).
How are electrostatic sensitive devices (ESD) identified on the item record? Type cargo code “3.”
Which transaction identification code (TRIC) and activity code is used to process an electrostatic sensitive device (ESD) on a detail record to maintenance for testing? MSI, “C.”
What is the framework in which the overall materiel storage space is developed? Warehouse layout plan
When the physical layout of a storage facility is planned, the total or gross storage space is known as the Implementation point
What item storage factor is used when fast-moving items of great demand in locations are easily accessible with as little handling as possible and slow-moving items in less-convenient locations? Popularity
When you increase the amount of space for an item in a location to eliminate overflow into another item’s location, you are implementing what item storage factor? Quantity.
Which warehouse aisle runs the entire length of the warehouse? Main
Which warehouse aisle can increase the possibility of pilferage in a warehouse? Working
The basic resource of any supply and distribution operation is the Storage space
The practice of storing items in a way that causes a loss of storage space is called honeycombing.
Which method of storage helps to ensure that the oldest items are issued before they become outdated? First in, first out.
In what class of storage vault is Top Secret materiel stored? A Style Vault
What type items have a ready resale value, civilian utility, or application as personal possessions; and, therefore, are subject to theft? Pilferable items.
As a minimum, how often must the combination on combination padlocks be changed for classified storage? Annually (#33)
What form must be used to secure all vaults, secure rooms, and containers used for the storage of classified materiel? SF 702.
What individual or activity schedules and conducts a warehouse location validation for satellite accounts? Account storage personnel.
All assigned warehouse locations must be validated at least Annually (#36)
What freeze code is loaded to the item record of a warehouse refusal? Freeze Code I
All copies of a warehouse refused document are forwarded to what materiel management element? Inventory
When controlled items, which are not already specified by an issue exception (IEX) code are approved by the unit commander in writing to be placed on bench stock, they are assigned IEX code IEX Code N
What listing controls the assignment of bench stock item numbers and helps shop personnel locate bench stock items? S04
As a minimum, how often must standard reporting designator (SRD) data and minimum reserve authorization (MRA) levels be validated? Validated Annually
When is the S04 run in item number sequence? After each semiannual review.
What type of inventory is conducted using the closed warehouse method? Complete
Which program assigns freeze code “C” to all item records specified within the report parameter for a complete inventory? Inventory Count File Program (R12).
Which option is not an objective of inventory research? Process requisitions when required.
To indicate that additional research is needed, the inventory recount (IRC) image contains a recount/research indicator of AR
When researching a physical overage, how far back from the current date do you go to the last inventory adjustment? Type account code B
The last page of the M10 shows the number of sample inventories in progress over a period of how many days? 30 day period
What function is responsible for ensuring that certification and approved signatures are on the original copy of the Consolidated Inventory Adjustment Document Register (M10)? Inventory is responsible
When submitting the query, what icon is selected to retrieve the selected Items Not Received report from the ES-S Asset Management database? Run Report
In the ES-S Asset Management database , to view records in more detail, select a record from the report results list by clicking on hyperlinked asset management ID number.
This is defined as material which requires protection in the interest of national security. Classified
Who is responsible for the accuracy of inventory held under its control to include units maintaining communications security (COMSEC) and equipment in-use assets? Storage activity
What Air Force Instruction (AFI) directs Air Force organizations to formally designate in writing, personnel permitted and authorized to accept controlled materiel? AFI 31-401
How often are code components inventoried as designated in Strategic Command (STRATCOM) guidance? At 15, 30 and/or 90 day intervals.
What color ink is used to stamp or handwrite the words “Classified Item” on copies of source documents for classified items? Red
How is an overage of a serialized control item processed? By processing a serialized asset inquiry in the Air Force Equipment Management System (AFEMS) and/or contact the depot with the actual serial number of the asset.
What does materiel management activities sign to maintain custody accountability? DD Form 1907, or carrier furnished signature and tally record.
Who is responsible for the health of assigned items to meet mission requirements over the life cycle of these assets? Item Manager
Created by: (T)Sgt C
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