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2S071 Vol 1 URE

What (UTC) provides mobility support and when required by the Expeditionary Theater Distribution Center (ETDC) augmentation to the combat supply activity at a main operating base (MOB)/forward operating site (FOS)/cooperative security location (CSL)? JFBCW – Superintendent Mobility Support.
unit type code (UTC) provides supply expertise during initial beddown at a main operating base (MOB)/forward operating site (FOS)/cooperative security location (CSL)? JFBFM – Initial Supply Beddown Package.
What (UTC) provides materiel management support to accountable officers, responsible officers, and responsible persons, in the control and accountability of class IX and class VII at a main operating base/forward operating site/CSL? JFBME – Superintendent Materiel Mgt Equipment.
What unit type code (UTC) monitors the overall maintenance and supply interface and resolves supply support problems? JFBSL – Maintenance Supply Liaison.
When does the selection panel convene which is chaired by the 2S career field manager (CFM)? May/June.
Who notifies the individual by message not later than 30 days after selection? Head Quarters United States Air Force (HQ USAF)/A4R.
What flight is responsible for the centralized command and control, planning, and execution of all wing deployment operations and the distribution of cargo, passengers, and personal property? Deployment and distribution flight.
Which Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) flight is the primary liaison between customers and the Air Force Global Logistics Support Center (AFGLSC)? Materiel Management Flight.
Who is responsible for the Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) unit control center (UCC) and also maintains the squadron’s recall roster? Squadron Readiness.
Who serves as the materiel management liaison and equipment accountability authority for wing customers? Customer Support section.
Who is responsible for providing supply support to maintenance activities? Logistics Readiness Squadron Commander (LRS/CC).
Who coordinates maintenance and supply actions, manage transactions for their assigned maintenance activity, manage the assets in the repair cycle, resolve supply support problems and report aircraft parts status to maintenance supervision? Decentralized supply support personnel.
What is the central, process driven initiative designed to ensure the success of the Expeditionary Logistics for the 21st Century (eLog21) campaign? Air Force Global Logistics Support Center (AFGLSC).
How many functions does the Air Force Global Logistics Support Center (AFGLSC) perform? 3
How many primary organizations comprise the Air Force Global Logistics Support Center (AFGLSC)? 3
What Air Force manual (AFMAN) governs Materiel Management? 23-110
How often is Air Force manual (AFMAN) 23–110, USAF Supply Manual, published? Quarterly (#16)
What are provided for each volume, part and chapter of Air Force manual (AFMAN) 23–110, USAF Supply Manual? Table of contents
Which record retrieval code is used to obtain inquiry input on the repair cycle data? 5
What is an Air Mobility Command air transportation system that supports fixed, deployed, and mobile sites? Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES).
What is the Air Mobility Command’s (AMC) force level command and control (C2) system supporting Tanker Airlift Control Center (TACC) execution authority for effective airlift mission management? Global Decision Support System (GDSS).
What is an automated logistics decision support tool which predicts the combat Capabilities of tactical, strategic, and airlift weapon systems for a given set of operations plans, logistics assets, and logistics performance factors? Sustainability Assessment Module (SAM).
What provides the capability to compute whole engine requirements for the maintenance community? Propulsion Requirements System (PRS).
Which difficulty report (DIREP) category code is assigned when problems include system loops, lost audit trails, and incorrect accountable record updating? III
difficulty report (DIREP) category code is assigned when problem stops the computer from processing input, but it does not cause looping or destroy accountable records? II
A category III difficulty report (DIREP) does not stop processing and is corrected in the next scheduled release.
How often are surveillance visits to all materiel management functions scheduled? Annually #27
Which is a basic ground rule for conducting a surveillance visit to an accountable officer function? Check in and out with the flight chief.
If you find deficiencies during a surveillance visit to a function, you must furnish a detailed written report to the flight chief within five workdays after the exit briefing.
A function that receives a surveillance visit report must send a reply within how many days of the date on the surveillance report? 15.
Who is the primary point of contact (POC) for special topics designated by the materiel management officer or Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) commander? Procedures element.
An effective analysis program must be based on organizational objectives.
Experience and standards data are factors used in which type of analysis? Trend.
A basic ingredient of any analysis program is reliable and valid data.
You should request “as required” computer products by using the AF Form 2011, Base Supply ADPE Work Request.
What forms can management indicators take? Quantitative or qualitative.
Stockage effectiveness is the basic measure of supply support to the customer.
How is a decision normally made on whether to give a customer a refund for the turn-in of property? Automatically under the Materiel Management System program control.
What product does the Supply Management Activity Group (SMAG) manager use to review non-reimbursable issues from the SMAG? D20 (#39)
must approve the use of credit code “Y’ in the materiel management system program control before processing a stock fund turn-in? Supply Management Activity Group (SMAG) manager.
Who will be held liable for the loss, damage, or destruction of government property caused by negligence, willful misconduct, or deliberate unauthorized use? All Air Force members and employees.
What can be assessed if it appears that an individual’s actions, or failure to act, constituted negligence, willful misconduct, or deliberate unauthorized use? Financial liability.
Where are all suspense files of the Supply Discrepancy Reports (SDR) kept? Stock Control.
Who is responsible for evaluating and controlling all incoming Supply Discrepancy Reports(SDR) from activities that receive discrepant shipments from your materiel management account? Procedures.
What system prepares data reports for off-base distribution? Automated Data Reports Submission System (ADRSS).
Who must review the residue portion of the supply interface system end-of-day report to ensure users clear residue images in a timely manner? Procedures and accountability.
Who maintains accountability by validating all transaction images have processed? Post Post control team (PPCT) Chief.
How often is long term degraded operations performed? Annually (#48)
Who may force delete rejects using the reject processor program? reject monitior
What listing shows all rejects cleared by the monitor? D20 (#50)
Created by: (T)Sgt C
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