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NHOH HM Manual CH 13

NAVEDTRA 14295B CH 13: Nutrition and Diet Therapy

What is the leading cause of nutrition related diseases in the environment in which humans live? Excess calories
Which of the following is NOT one of the six essential nutrients needed for the growth and maintenance of the body? Niacin
What are the three nutrients used by the body that contain calories? Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats
Water is the medium in which all chemical reactions in the body take place. True
What is total amount of water that a male needs to consume on a daily basis? 3.7 liters
What is total amount of water that a female needs to consume on a daily basis? 2.7 liters
After consuming food a male needs to consume an average of how much free water? 3 liters
What percentage loss of body water will cause heat injury or death? 5 to 7%
Mono saccharides contain how many carbon molecules? 1
Disaccharides contain how many carbon molecules? 2
Some polysaccharides are known to contain up to how many carbon molecules? Thousands
What is the simplest type of sugar? Glucose
What type of Carbohydrate class is Sucrose? Disaccharide
What type of Carbohydrate class is Fructose? Monosaccharide
What type of Carbohydrate class is Galactose? Monosaccharide
What type of Carbohydrate class is Glucose? Monosaccharide
What type of Carbohydrate class is Lactose? Disaccharide
Glycogen is the storage form of glucose for humans. True
The recommended fiber intake for women is? 25 grams
The recommended fiber intake for males is? 37 grams
Dextrose, which is a commonly used carbohydrate, is normally used in what form? Intravenous
Proteins contain what amount of calories per gram? 4
There are 20 amino acids that make up all the proteins the body needs, how many of those are considered essential amino acids not made by the body? 9
For a person who weighs 185 lbs, what is the recommended amount of protein that should be consumed daily? 67 grams
Infants and children require a greater daily protein intake then adults. True
The main role of fats is to? Supply energy to the body
What vitamins are fat soluble? A, D, E, and K
Trans fats are naturally occurring fats and are generally not considered a healthy fat. True
Omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to lessening the risk of heart disease. True
The most common phospholipids is bile; where is it produced? Liver
Which of the following is not a water soluble vitamin? A
Which vitamin interferes with anti-clotting medications such as warfarin? K
Surgical patients should eat cantaloupe and strawberries containing Vitamin ____ in order to support wound healing. C
Which of the following is not considered a major mineral? Fluoride
Which of the following is not considered a trace mineral? Calcium
Infusing too much ______ in an intravenous line can cause death. Potassium
Surgical patients who do not consume enough of _____ mineral found in shellfish could have poor wound healing. Zinc
What type of diet is normally ordered for an individual who has not eaten for a few days or recovering from surgery? Clear liquid diet
Which of the following diets is NOT nutritionally complete? Clear liquid diet
A dental liquid diet is usually indicated for a patient who? Has mouth wired shut
Which of the following diets is usually lower in fiber? Pureed diet
Calorie restricted diets should be at least how many calories per day? 1200
What type of diet is in indicative of renal or hepatic disease? Protein restricted diet
A person on a cholesterol restriction of 300 mg per day should have no more than how many whole eggs per day? 1
What is the most aggressive type of nutritional therapy? Parenteral
Which of the following provides an way for enteral nutritional therapy? NG Tube and J Tube
The base of a good healthy diet always begins with? Food Pyramid
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