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2S071 Vol 2

Self Test

Why are nonstocked item due-out cause codes assigned? Due to insufficient item demand history computation of demand based stock level
What MICAP Cause code indicates the request was a first demand for the item A
What MICAP cause code indicates base decision not to stock the item D
What MICAP code indicates the depth of stock was insufficient to meet MICAP/due-out requirement? F
What MICAP cause code indicates that assets cannot be used to satisfy this requirement because they are deployed, inaccessible, or unavailable? R
What MICAP cause code indicates no due-in established and AWP assets are on hand at the time of MICAP X
What MICAP delete code indicates item received from ALCs? 1
What MICAP delete code indicates item satisfied through lateral support? 3
What MICAP delete code indicates "WRM asset has been used to meet requirement"? 7
What MICAP delete code indicates "Reported in error"? 9
What activity code is used to identify issues processed through IMDS J
What notification is used to notify the IMDS of a change in due-out status of an item? 1SH
What due-out status code on the 1SH describes a cancellation? 1
What due-out status code on the 1SH describes a mark for change 4
What is the main function of the repair cycle section when managing repair cycle assets? To maintain accurate computer records of location and status of all unserviceable assets in maintenance
What listing is used to monitor the status and maintain visibility of DIFM assets? Repair Cycle Asset Management List (D23)
What listing is used to monitor AWP end items AWP Validation Listing (D19)
Why is it important for RCS personnel to know what location maintenance is taking to repair an item and where the item is physically located? Because an item can go through several changes such as repair shop location or item condition
How do base personnel submit requests for repair parts for reparable end items? on a fill or backorder basis using UJC "AR" or "BR"
What does advice code "6L" identify The requisition is for an AFMC-managed AWP end item
Explain the use of the AWP checklist Used for requesting parts and monitoring active AWP requisitions and it is required to be used
Describe what AWP monitors can ensure through review of the AWP Validation Listing Positive due-ins for each due-out, shipment status or realistic estimated release dates, and requirement for additions follow-up
Explain what should be don if the D19 lists an NSN containing status (STA) J, and the estimated delivery date has come and gone over 14 days ago AWP monitor should be aggressively working with the source of supply to follow up and track down this item.
How does the retail supply system requisition two-level maintenance (2LM) items? Automatically
What RDD will be assigned to output requisitions when items are identified as two-level maintenance 777
What are additional warehouses called that are located within or next to the activities they are supporting; and where can they be located? Supply Points; on or off base
Who maintains overall accountability and control of assets in Supply Point? LRS/Supply Activity
What are the two types of WRM equipment? Joint-use and mobility equipment
What type of WRM equipment is authorized to support a peacetime function that ceases to exist in wartime, thereby allowing the equipment to satisfy a wartime requirement? Joint use
What is mobility equipment? Items and quantities that need to be moved with a unit or are needed for deployment in an emergency or during wartime
Who is the Air Force lead command through the BEAR Integrated Management Team (BIMT) structure for BEAR systems? HQ ACC/A4
What is the primary mission of BEAR? To provide expeditionary basing assets for use at austere airfields, thereby providing the AEF with global basing capability
What are the seven component subsystems of BEAR B-150 150-personnel housekeeping, B550 550 initial housekeeping, B550f ollow on house keeping, B-IO idustrial operations, BIF Initial Flightline, B-FF Follow on Flightline
What Bear component subsystem set supports up to 150 personnel in the open-the -base force module? BEAR 150-personnel housekeeping (B-150) set
What is a BEAR 550 initial housekeeping (B-550i) set? Stand alone set that provides a robust camp consisting of billeting, feeding, and hygiene to support 550 personnel
What BEAR component set includes facilities, equipment, and supplies necessary to establish and support aircraft flight-related operations and maintenance activities for an initial aircraft squadron deployed at a bare-base location? BEAR initial flight-line (B-IF) set.
What are the different types of RSPs? Mobility RSP; In-place RSP; Consumable RSP; Flexible Consumable RSP
What is a MRSP Air transportable package of readiness spares, repair parts, and related maintenance supplies required to support planned wartime or contingency operations of a weapon or support system for a specified period of time pending resupply
Who publishes MRSP authorization annually? HQ USAF/LGX
What is an IRSP? Only the spares and repair parts required needed for operation above the normal peacetime operating stock levels expected to be available to a unit during wartime
How long is the support period funded and planned for IRSP? 30 days
Who wil process items requiring functional checks according to procedures outlined in AFMAN23-110 War-Readiness
What activity code is issued to process mated item issues from the RSP C
What is a system inventory managers used to formulate RSP levels? Personal Computer-Aircraft Sustainability Module
Who has the responsibility for operation of a weapons storage facility when mobilization is authorized? Material Management Flight
What management notice is produced, containing the serial number(s) of weapon(s) transferred F117
Who can direct small arms transfer from one accountable activity to another within or outside the Air Force? WR-ALC
Who is responsible for preparing and packaging, inventorying, and maintaining bags War Readiness Element
What is a PC-based program designed to account for mobility and chemical warfare defense equipment(CWDE)? MICAS
How do you delete a person from the MICAS database? locating the individual to be deleted and then clicking the eraser icon
what are the ways you can use to process an issue? Scanning the linear bar code on the user's ID typing MICAS user ID into the Scan Box; Find the user on the left click on the user and scan the bar code with the user's MICAS ID
What information needs continuous monitoring in the mobility section? Expiration dates for the shelf-life assets.
Briefly define an operations plan Any plan for the conduct of military operations
List the five major phases in the deliberate planning process Initiation; Concept Development; Plan Development; Plan Review; and Supporting Plans
In what phase do planners determine the best mix of UTCs, based on availability, timing, criteria, and required AFSCs? Phase III Plan Development
How are tasked units identified in an OPLAN or TPFDD? UTC
What capability document defines the total capability of the unit and documents the resources required to provide that capability DOC statement
What four resources areas are measured in the DOC statement? Personnel; On-hand supplies and equipment; Equipment condition; Training
What is a WMP-3 Part 2 ( formerly AFWUS)? Part of the WMP system; the corresponding owning force provider maintains all UTC availability records.
Which capability system provides a timely and accurate assessment of the status of the resources required by a unit to accomplish its wartime mission? SORTS
What does the Air Force use status information in SORTS for? Assessing readiness and the impact of budgetary allocations and management actions on unit-level readiness. Answers congressional inquiries, readiness trend analysis, justification for readiness accounts in AF budget requests, and AF resource allocation
What capability system allows AEF-allocated units the ability to report UTC-level readiness? ART
What type of adjusted stock level is used to restrict stockage? Maximum adjusted stock level
What input establishes an ASL detail record as an unconfirmed (memo)? 1F3L
What does processing of a TRIC 1F3A input do to an ASL detail record? Change the ASL detail record from memo to firm
Explain why predetermined ASLs are different than base-initiated requests, and from where they are received The quantity, application, justification, and approval have already been determined. Receives predetermined ASL requests from Headquarters AFMC (ALC), MAJCOM, FOA, or Headquarters USAF.
What is the mission change process designed to achieve? Alters demand levels for items applicable to a weapon system that is already assigned at the base that will be affected by a known "mission change", such as the addition or loss of a number of weapon system end items at a base.
When is a Customer Oriented Leveling Technique used? to compute levels for items that have established demand patterns
What is the goal of Proactive Demand Leveling (PDL)? To reduce the number of MICAPs for materiel management system non stocked items
What type levels does an RBL override to become the basis for a base's peacetime stock requisitioning Retail supply-computed RBLs and any ASLs
In what two instances may an RBL be less than an approved minimum or fixed level? When there’s insufficient worldwide requirement to allocate to the minimum/fixed level and when the base’s minimum/fixed level isn’t registered in AFMC’s D035 system (and therefore not included in the worldwide D200A requirement).
How are RBLs forwarded to a base for retail supply system implementation? Via an electronic Headquarters AFMC Computed Level Transaction (XCA).
When an A2x/A4x is processed, what input priority causes the computer to release centrally procured serviceable assets down to zero balance automatically? MICAPs with priority 01–03.
How are item records released for non-MICAP RDOs? They’re released beginning with input stock number and continuing through the ISG chain until either the RDO quantity is filled or the ISG quantity equals or falls below the RO.
How is acceptance of an RDO identified? They’re sent in DIC BLO format. A BLO is a notification to the originator of the RDO that the RDO has been accepted and the requested property is being processed for shipment.
What type of shipment results from a local management decision? Nondirected shipment.
What type of shipment is a lateral support shipment? Nondirected, special.
What RIC is used on lateral support shipments? JLS or Dxx.
What’s the result of the consignee not providing a document number for a post-post lateral shipment? The input will be rejected.
What’s a transfer to DRMS? What are the two types of transfers? Movement of materiel to DRMS. Directed and nondirected.
What TRIC is used to transfer an item to DRMS? TRM
What process was agreed upon to implement uniform procedures for the inter-Service redistribution of reparable assets? Total Asset Visibility (TAV).
What does a billed not received transaction identify? Items that have a vendor bill presented for payment but the receipt has not been processed by the retail supply activity.
What is a MILSTAMP reconciliation program? It provides detailed description used by the retail supply activity to trace delinquent requisitions (shipments) that have been released by the source of supply for shipment, shipment status assigned, but not received.
What code will tell you if a piece of equipment is an EAID item? Where do you find this code? EMC. Third position of the ERRCD and can be found by researching AFEMS.
What’s an allowance standard? The item quantity of an equipment item that’s needed to perform the assigned missions, functions, or duties of Air Force organizations and individual specialists.
What’s an equipment authorization? Allowances that have been converted to specific quantities of specific items for specific units.
What’s a BOI? Basis of Issue is the authority that establishes the number of items to be issued to an individual, activity, or military organization
When should an AF Form 2005 be used to request an equipment item? When the requested item is in an allowance standard where the approval is at wing/base level or below, and when the allowance standard preface or other directive requires special base-level coordination.
How are non-EAID items identified? By ERRCD NF1 and activity code “P.”
What form is prepared to recommend/request changes to equipment allowance standards? AF Form 601.
What action do you take if required data for an AF Form 601 can’t be obtained from the custodian? Disapprove the request.
When are multiple items with different federal supply classes included on a single AF Form 601 requiring higher than base level approval? When the request is against the same ASC and the background and justification for all the items are the same.
What method can be used to input an equipment allowance change request electronically? The Data Transactions Sessions TACR screen.
What controlled item codes are assigned to control weapons? “N,” “2,” “3,” “4,” “5,” “6,” or “8.”
How are weapons that require reporting to the D184 system identified on the item record? SRC A.
Within what time period are weapon source documents processed to Document Control? Within three workdays.
How often are weapon serial numbers reconciled with WR-ALC and AFEMS systems? Annually.
What report/program is used to reconcile weapon serialized control records? R46/NGV874.
What’s the Serial Number Control System? A central file of all COMSEC assets by serial number within the Air Force.
Within what time period are COMSEC source documents sent to document control personnel? Within three workdays.
How often are COMSEC assets reconciled? Semiannually
How are bases notified when they fail to process the COMSEC reconciliation as required? SNCS sends a XHB with COMSEC error notification code 7B.
Created by: (T)Sgt C
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