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Med Term Chap 2 & 3

Medical Terminology Chapter 2 and 3 Review

The surgical fusion of two bones to stiffen a joint Arthrodesis
The surgical fracture of a bone to correct a deformity Osteoclasis
An inflammation of bone and bone marrow Osteomyelitis
An abnormal lateral curvature of the lumbarspine Scoliosis
Inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the sternum Costochondritis
Benign bony projection covered with cartilage Osteochondroma
Which form of arthritis is associated with the formation of uric acid crystals in the joint Gouty Arthritis
The total displacement of a bone from its joint Dislocation
Surgical repair of the skull Cranioplasty
Hip socket acetabulum
A fracture in which the bone is splintered or crushed Comminuted
The surgical placement of a synthetic joint arthroplasty
A degenerative disorder that can cause the loss of normal spinal structure and function Spondylosis
Pain linked to an abnormal condition within a bone Ostealagia
An attempt to return the affected bone to its normal alignment by manually applied forces Closed reduction
Surgical removal of a spinal lamina Laminectomy
abnormal softening of the cartilage Chondromalacia
The condition commonly known as a bunion hallux valgus
Technique is used to detect early osteoporosis dual x-ray absorptiometry
Bone marrow is hemopoietic red bone marrow
Which form of bone marrow transplant uses the patient's own bone marrow autologous transplant
Which form of fracture fixation is not usually removed after the fracture has healed internal fixation
Also known as low back pain, is pain in the lumbar region Lumbago
Specializes in treating health problems by spinal manipulation osteopath
Type of bone fracture is associated with chronic, excessive impact stress fracture
Combining form means movement kinesi/o
Muscle tissue makes possible the movement of internal organs smooth
The condition commonly known as hiccups Singultus
To move to the midline adduction
Inflammation of several voluntary muscle polymyositis
A condition in which there is diminished skeletal muscle tone hypotonia
To structure a tendon to bone Tenodesis
The paralysis of both legs and the lower part of the body Paraplegia
Type of movement bends the knee and brings the lower leg backward Flexion
Abnormally increased muscle function or activity Hyperkinesia
Permanent tightening of muscles that occurs when connective tissue are replaced with fibrous tissues Contracture
Weakness affecting one side of the body Hemiparesis
Syndrome that affects the wrist Carpal Tunnel
The surgical repair of fascia Fascioplasty
The breaking down of muscle tissue Myolysis
The normal jerking of the limbs that occur as a person is falling asleep Nocturnal Myoclonus
The suturing of a divided tendon Tenorrhaphy
The surgical suturing of a muscle Myorrhaphy
Pain in the leg muscles during exercise Intermittent Claudication
The study of human factors that affects the design and operation of tools and the work environment Ergonomics
Which diagnostic test records the strength of muscle contraction Electromyography
The release of a tendon from adhesions Tenolysis
Hardened deposits in the plantar fascia Heel spurs
Movement of a limb or body part beyond its normal limit Hypertension
The protrusion of a muscle through its ruptured sheath or fascia Myocele
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