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VA special senses

VA anatomy, digestive system & special senses

what are our five senses smell, taste, hear, vision, equilibrium
what are the combining forms for nose nas/o, rhin/o
what is the nose made up of epithelia cells
what is bletharitis inflammation of the eyelid
what do lacrimal glands secrete tears
what is the sclera whites of the eye
what is nystagmus involuntary movement of the eye
hearing helps maintain___________ balance
what are the combining forms for ear audit/o, aud/I, ot/o
what is the pinna external part of the ear
what is cerumen ear wax
what is the tympanic membrane eardrum
what are the names of the three ossicles malleus, incus, stapes
what is otisis inflammation of the ear
what is equilibrium state of balance
the digestive system is also called the___________ alimentary system & GI system or tract
where does digestion begin in the mouth
what are the functions of the stomach absorption & metabolism of nutrients
what are the structures of the digestive system in order hint: MPESSLA mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, accessory organs of digestion
what are the combining forms for mouth dent/o, dent/l, odont/o
which are the chewing teeth (canine) premolar and molars
what does the stomach do stores and mixes ingested food
what happens in the small intestine absorption of nutrients
what happens in the large intestine absorption of water soluble vitamins
in regards to the stomach animals can be classified into 2 classes what are they monogastric, ruminant
how many stomachs do ruminants have one true glandular stomach and three fore stomachs
what is the largest part of the ruminants stomach rumen
what is metabolisim the process involved in the bodies use of nutrients
what is the three segments of the small intestine in order hint: DJ ileum duodenum, jejunum, ileum
what are the four segments of the large intestines hint: CC Ran Around cecum, colon, rectum, anus
which animals are hindgut fermenters horse, rabbit
where does the majority of digestion happen in the small intestine
where is insulin secreted from pancreas
what are the four chambers of the ruminant stomach rumen, reticulum, omasum, abomasum
is the cow a non-ruminant or ruminant ruminant
are dogs omnivores or carnivores omnivores
what are papille small elevated structures of the tongue
what is our sense of smell called olfactory sense
what are the combining form for nose nas/o, rhin/o
what are the combining forms for eye opt/o, optic/o, ocul/o
what is blethoritis inflammation of the eyelid
what is the third eyelid called nictitating membrane
what is KCS lack of tear production
what is glaucoma increase in intraocular pressure
what is nystagmus involuntary movement of the eye
what are the functions of the ear to hear sound and for balance
what is cerumen ear wax
what is the dogs outer ear called pinna
name the auditory ossicles malleus, incus, stapes
what is otitis inflammation of the ear
which is the primary organ of hearing cochlea
the tooth surface toward the cheek buccal
what is the combining form for nose nas/o
Created by: fitnessgal
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