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Dental Anatomy

Landmarks of the xray of mouth

Oral Cavity TermsOral Cavity Definitions
Vestibules horseshoe spaces in the oral cavity between lips and cheeks
Labial Frenum fold of tissue located at the midline between the labial mucosa and the alveolar mucosa
Lingual Frenum fold of tissue located at midline, between the bottom surface of the tongue and the floor of the mouth
Linea Alba white ridge of raised callused tissue that extends horzontally at the level where the max and mand teeth come together and occlude
Canine Eminence vertically oriented and labially placed bony ridge of alveolar bone noted in the jaw bones *especially in the maxillae
Maxillary Tuberosity tissue covered elevation of the bone, just distal to the last tooth of the max arch
Retromolar Pad Dense pad of tissue, just distal to the last tooth of the mand arch
Attatched Gingiva gingiva that tightly adheres to the alveolar bone around the roots of the teeth
Marginal Gingiva gingiva at the gingival margin of each tooth *aka free gingival
Pillar of Fauces Two arches at the back of the mouth (anterior and posterior)
Anterior Pillar of Fauces "palatoglossal arch" formed by the palatoglosus muscle
Posterior Pillar of Fauces "palatopharynxgeal arch" formed by the palatopharyngeus muscle
Palate roof of the mouth
Hard Palate the anterior portion of the palate
Soft Palate looser posterior portion of the palate
Median Palatine Rahpe midline ridge of tissue on the hard palate that overlies the bony fussion of the palate
Palatine Rugae the firm, irregular ridges of tissue, directly posterior to the incisive papilla
Incisive Papilla smal bulge of tissue at the most anterior portion of the hard palate
Base most posterior portion of the tongue, attaches to the floor of the mouth, does not lie within the oral cavity proper but within the oral part of the throat
Body anterior portion of the tongue
Dorsal Surface of Tongue top surface of tongue
Filliform Lingual Papilla slender threadlike, whitish lingual papilli that gives the dorsal surface of the tongue its velvety texture
Fugiform Lingual Papilla smaller mushroom shaped lingual papilli on the dorsal surface of the tongue (reddish)
Foliate Lingual Papillae vertical ridges of lingual papillae on the lateral surface of the tongue
Sublingual Fold ridge of tissue on each side of the floor of the mouth
Sublingual Caruncle small papilla at the anterior end of each sublingual fold
Vermillion Zone has a darker appearance than the surrounding skin of the lips
Vermillion Border lips are outlined from the surrounding skin by a trasmission zone
Philtrum on the midline of the upper lip extending downward from the nasal septum, a vertical groove
Turbercle the philtrum terminates in a thicker area of the midline of the upper lip
Labial Commissure where the upper and lower lips meet at each corner of the mouth (where you get cold sores)
Nasolabial Sulcus groove extending upper, between each labial cummissure and the alla of the nose
Labiomental Groove lower lip extends to the horzontal labiomental groove which separates the lower lip from the chin in the mental region
xray terms (blank)
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