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2S071 Vol 1

Self Test

What is the UTC for a Superintendent Customer Support Package? JFBCS.
Describe UTC JFBRC. It refers to the Superintendent Repair Cycle Management provides the capability to control, process, and evaluate class IX due-in from maintenance assets; inspects and aids in the identification of repairable assets, establishes and manages Supply Points;
What is the purpose of the career broadening program? It allows cross-fertilization of training, knowledge, experience, and perspectives to promote a better understanding of supply chain management from an enterprise level
Where are the career broadening assignments located? (1) 9 DLA positions 3 each at the following DSCs: DSC Columbus (DSCC), OH;DSC Richmond (DSCR);VADSC Philadelphia (DSCP),(2)AFMC 9 positions;3 each at the following ALCs:Oklahoma City ALC (OC-ALC),Tinker, OK; Ogden ALC (OO-ALC), Hill; (WR-ALC) Robins AFB
What are the primary responsibilities of the Materiel Management flight? 1. Stocking, storing, issuing, managing, inventorying, and inspecting DOD supplies and equipment.
Which section does the Aircraft Parts Store belong to? Asset Management Section.
Who is responsible for providing supply support to maintenance activities? The LRS/CC.
What type of personnel are authorized on the MXG UMD and report to maintenance activities? Decentralized supply support personnel.
What are the primary functions of AFGLSC? Planning and execution, operations, and strategy and integration.
How many organizations are comprised in AFGLSC? Three; two wings and one group.
What is the manual that governs Materiel Management? AFMAN 23–110 USAF Supply Manual.
What are the three ways to navigate through AFMAN 23–110? Table of contents, Hyperlinks and Search/find tools.
Which record retrieval code is used to obtain inquiry input on the repair cycle data? When processing an inquiry, on what does print positions of data depend? 5
What must be entered in the releveling flag field of the item record retrieval input to request the requirements computation of a given stock number? Releveling flag “R.”
What is the definition of an ITV? The ability to track the identity, status, and location of Department of Defense units, and non-unit cargo (excluding bulk petroleum, oils, and lubricants) and passengers; medical patients; and personal property from origin to consignee across mil ops
What is the Global Decision Support System (GDSS)? AMC’s force level C2 system supporting Tanker Airlift Control Center (TACC) execution authority for effective airlift mission management. accurate, real-time data required for deployment and employment of AMC resources
What is an internet web site developed by AFMC and provides user with information from its data warehouse which is filled by numerous data systems used by the DOD? TRACKER.
What is the name of AFMC’s advanced automated computer system designed to aid in monitoring, managing, and improving weapon system and support resources? Weapon System Management Information System (WSMIS).
What is a Sustainability Assessment Module (SAM)? It is an automated logistics decision support tool which predicts the combat capabilities of tactical, strategic, and airlift weapon systems for a given set of operations plans, logistics assets, and logistics performance factors.
What is designed to collect and maintain data to support an automated review for weapon system spares? Requirement/Execution Availability Logistics Module (REALM).
Which WSMIS module supports repair execution, item distribution, and manages flow of recoverable assets in and out of depot repair? Execution and Prioritization of Repair Support System (EXPRESS).
Who is responsible for submitting, controlling, and monitoring DIREPs? Procedures and accountability
What category DIREP is normally corrected immediately? Category I - Major Impact.
What must you do before conducting a surveillance visit? Thoroughly research the applicable directives that pertain to the function you are going to visit.
Why is the review of management products coordinated with the analysis unit? To avoid duplication in identifying problems and training requirements.
Your unit has just had a surveillance visit and received two write-ups. The inspector discussed the discrepancies with your supervisor. When can your unit expect a report on the two discrepancies? Within five workdays after the exit briefing.
Within what timeframe are the replies to a surveillance report due? Within 15 days of the date of the report.
How long should a special interest item last? Normally not longer than six months.
Why is it necessary to analyze information before passing it to the accountable officer? Without selection and analysis, all that would be passed to the accountable officer is a meaningless stream of raw data.
What four elements are included in the analysis program? Development, selection, analysis, and presentation.
List the three methods of analysis. Trend analysis, problem analysis, and special studies
What type of analysis is normally used for a close review of a specific activity to determine if there are any problems or potential problems? Special study.
What are the primary instruments of data collection for analysis? The internal records and reports provided by the Materiel Management System.
What is one of the most sophisticated and versatile tools available to obtain file information? The file interrogation system (inquiries).
What are the different types of Materiel Management System reports available? Daily, monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annual, as-required, and special purpose/utility.
Which report provides a list of AWP D/O details with D/I and status detail for end items. D19.
Which report shows UND A and B due-outs. D18.
Which report recommends adds, changes, and deletes to bench stocks. M04.
Which report Provides LRS supply status and asset visibility on repair cycle items in the DIFM process. D23.
Which report Shows adjustments made to item records. M10.
When conducting analysis, how is collected data used to identify deficiencies that may exist? This is done by taking the data and determining if any areas deviate from the norm or accepted standard
What must be known when conducting a continuing analysis? Specifically what to look for in certain reports and listings.
What indicator may become unfavorable when MACRs are set too low? Stockage effectiveness
What indicator may become unfavorable when weekly “walk-throughs” are not accomplished and assets are not red flagged when they fall at or below the 50 percent mark? Bench stock effectiveness.
How is the decision to give a customer credit for turn-in normally determined? Automatically under program control.
What can be used to override Materiel Management System credit determination? A credit code in position 52 of the turn-in document.
What credit code is used to allow full credit regardless of the stock position of the item? Y.
Who must approve the use of credit code “Y” before processing? The SMAG manager.
Who can be held liable for the loss, damage, or destruction of government property caused by their negligence, willful misconduct, or deliberate unauthorized use? All Air Force members and employees
What are the purposes of the ROS program? Research and investigate the cause of loss, damage, or destruction of property and determine if it was caused by an individual’s negligence or abuse; assess monetary liability against individuals who have lost, damaged, or destroyed government property
Within what time standard must the receiving activity submit an SDR for shortage of a controlled item? Within 24 hours of the discovery.
What happens to the suspense file copy of an SDR when a reply is received to it? Its destroyed.
When is the second follow-up sent to an action activity that has not replied to a SDR? 45 days after the first follow-up.
What is the Automated Data Reports Submission System ADRSS? The system that sends and receives data on base.
What is the primary goal of SIFS? Dispatch data images generated by Material Management System application programs.
What are SIFS residue files designed to ensure? That any inbound or outbound images that could not be identified or dispatched are cleared in a timely manner
Created by: (T)Sgt C
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