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language arts def.

abominable nasty and disgusting
authorization official permission or approval
crucial extremely important
evaluate figure out the value
fiery 1.made of fire 2.color of fire 3.spirited 4.excitable
implication hinted or suggested but not directly expressed
knead 1.prepare material by repeatedly pressing and folding it 2.massage
picturesque like, fit, beautiful, and interesting to look at for a picture
predator 1.a animal that kill and eats other animals 2.a person, such as a pirate who lives by taking advantage of others
provoke 1.to anger, irratate, or annoy 2.to cause to happen
reiterate say more than once
saturate 1.soak completely 2.to be filled so much no more can be held
sediment matter that settles to a bottom of a liquid
thunderstruck shocked or amazed
ulterior deliberately concealed or kept hidden
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