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History Castle

Parts of a middle ages castle

Mottle Hill that you build your castle on. Only on older style castles.
Bailey Usually inside a castle wall. Where all the people who worked for the king or duke lived.
villages Outside of the moat. Supplied food and supplies for the castle.
Tower Structure on a castle that is taller then the castle. Inside every tower there was food and supplies in case of a siege.
Turret Smaller tower on top of tower. Tallest place on the castle.
curtain wall wall between the towers.
Drawbridge Bridge that can be moved up, so no one can get in.
Keep Safest place in the castle. Where the castle owner slept with his family.
Gatehouse Any structure that protects the gate
Battlement Anywhere people fought. On the wall
Hoarding Covers the battlement for protection.
Siege When a castle is under attack, it is called a siege
Arrow Loops A hole in the castle wall meant to shoot arrows through
portcullis In front of gatehouse. Raises up then crashes down on intruders. Made of heavy iron
Embasure Tooth like design on top of walls
Great Hall Where everyone ate. Also where the lord held meetings.
Murder Holes Holes in the ceiling. People dropped boiling water and stuff on you.
Created by: hannahfahuna