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Phleb Abvr #5

Phleb Abbrevation Test 5

retro In back of, behind
RF Rheumatoid Factor
Rh Rhesus blood factor
RIA Radioimmunoassay
RPR Rapid Plasma Reagin
Rx Medication, usually a prescription
S&A Sugar and acetone
scop/o To look closely
sed rate Sedimentation Rate
semi Partially, half
SGOT Serum glutamicoxaloacetic Transaminase
SGPT Serum Glutamicpyruvic Transaminase
SMA Sequential Multiple Analyzer
SOB Shortness of Breath
stasis (suffix) Controlling, stopping
Stat Now, immediately
STS Serologic Test for Syphilis
T3 Triiodothyronine
T4 Thyroxine
tact Relating to touch
tachy Quick, fast, rapid
thromb/o to clot
TIBC Total Iron Binding Capacity
t.i.d. Three times a day (Ter in die)
Tox, toxic Poisonous (toxin)
TP Total Protein
TPI Treponema Pallidum Immobilization
TPR Temperature, Plulse, Respiration
tri Three
TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
UA Urinalysis
uni One
vas/o Pertaining to vascular vessells
V.D. Veneral Disease
VDRL Veneral Disease research Laboratory
Ven/o Pertaining to veins
WBC White Blood Corpuscles
Xmatch Cross match of blood
Created by: mjargrandma