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Phleb #6

Phleb Definition Test 6

Pathology Study of disease causing pathogens
Pediatrics The care and treatment of disease in children
Peripheral Blood Blood near the surface of the body, usually considered capillary blood
Phlebitis An inflammation of the veins
Phlebotomy To cut open a vein, process of obtaining a blood sample
Physiology Study of body structure and how it functions
Plasma The clear, yellowish fluid portion on top of a centrifuged whold blood specimen
Platelets The cellular components of the blood which aid in coagulation
Prandial Refers ot eating a meal
Proctology Study of the diseases of the colon, anus, and rectum
Psychiatry Pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness
Psychology The study pertaining to the mental processes and their effects upon behavior
Pulmonary Artery The artery that carries the blood fromt he heart directly to the lungs
Plumonary Veins Veins that return oxygenated blood from the lungs back to the heart
Pulmonary Referring to the lungs
Radial Artery Artery located in the wrist, ususl site for arterial blood gases
Renal Pertaining to the kidneys
Respiratory Pertaining to breathing
Salmonella A family of bacteria which produces various degrees of food poisoning
Sclerosed Having hard texture
Sepsis The presence of pathogenic microorganisms or their toxins in the blood
Serology The study of serums
Serum The fluid, free from fibrinogen, which separates fromt he clot after coagulation
Shunt A passage, artificially created, to divert the flow of fluid from one main route to another
Spleen An organ situated in the left upper part of the abdomen, Its purpose is to manufacture, store, and destroy blood cells
Sterile Free of living organisms
Superior Vena Cava The principle vein draining to upper portion of the body
Susceptible Not immune to a disease
Syncope Fainting
Synovial Fluid Fluid from or found in the joints
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