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NHOH HM Manual Ch 23

NAVEDTRA HM Manual Ch 23: Medical Aspects of CBR Warfare

When was the first large scale use of chemical agents? WW I
True or False: Terrorists will not use chemical agents because they are difficult to make. False
M9 Chemical Agent Detection Paper turns what color if a nerve agent is present? Red
M8 Chemical Detection Paper turns what color when it comes into contact with VX? Green
M8 Chemical Detection Paper turns what color when it comes into contact with G class nerve agents? Yellow
What MOPP Level affords the most protection? 4
True or False: Nerve Agents enhance the nerve impulses. False
Nerve agents enter the body through what area. 1. Eyes 2. Skin 3. Respiratory Tract
A MARK 1 Kit consists of? 1. Atropine 2. 2-PAM CL
For severe nerve agent symptoms give how many MARK 1 kits in a row? 3
How many MARK 1 kits can a non-medical person give? 3
How long do you wait after giving the first MARK 1 kit before giving another in a patient with moderate symptoms? 10 to 15 minutes
To decontaminate a patient with nerve agent you use? 1. Soap and Water 2. 0.5% hypochlorite solution 3. M291
Chemical agents H, HD, and HN are all what type of agents? Blister
Symptoms of mustard agent contact are? Blisters
What antidote is used for lewisite? BAL
Decontamination of blister agents within two minutes will reduce the toxic effects by? 50%
Which of the following is a blood agent? AC
What is the initial treatment for cyanides? Sodium Nitrate, IV
Which agent smells like new mown hay? CG
True or False: CS is a highly toxic substance. False
Lacrimators are also known as? Tear Gas
Decontamination for harassment agents generally consists of? Washing with baby shampoo
The first priority for first aid for a chemical agent patient is? Control massive hemorrhage
Initial management of a chemical agent casualty is? 1. Removal of MOPP gear 2. Decontamination with 0.5% hypochlorite solution
What are the three types of Biological Agents? Bacteria, Viruses, and Toxins
Anthrax... Bacteria
Plague... Bacteria
Smallpox... Virus
Marburg... Virus
Botulism... Toxin
Ebola... Virus
Biological outbreaks that occur in multiple geographical locations are classified as? 1. Natural Occurrence 2. Intentional Release
What is NOT an indicator of biological agent release? Low morbidity and mortality compared with a normal occurrence of the disease
True or False: Viruses can be treated with the use of antibiotics. False
Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers are susceptible to? 1. Phenolic Disinfectants 2. 1% Bleach Solution
True or False: A dirty bomb could be used by a terrorist organization. True
What type of radiation is sometimes called penetrating radiation? Gamma
A lethal full body dose of radiation is? 4 to 5 Sv
What is the most effective sheilding? Lead
The time of onset of which symptoms will give you an estimate of radiation dose/exposure? Nausea and Vomiting
True or False: Once a patient is removed from a radiation source, Chronic Radiation Syndrome symptoms will resolve... True
True or False: Injuries resulting from a nuclear explosion are treated differently. False
A patient can be certified decontaminated from a radiological incident with AN/VDR 2
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