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NHOH HM Manual Ch 9

NAVEDTRA 14295B HM Manual Ch 9: Preventive Medicine and Infection Control

A _____ is any animal capable of transmitting pathogens or producing human or animal discomfort or injury. Vector
The findings of food-service inspections are documented on what form? NAVMED 6240/1
What instruction sets the standard for drinking water for U.S. Naval establishments both ashore and afloat? BUMEDINST 6240.1
True or False: The medical departments aboard ships are not required to include ice samples in any bacteriological analyses performed on water. False
______are instruments that frequently contact mucous membranes, but cannot be sterilized because of their design or inability to withstand heat. Critical items
Spray-Wipe-Spray is ____. An acceptable method of cleaning and disinfecting
When should the HM wash his/her hands? 1. At the beginning of the day 2. Before handling food 3. Between patients
What is NOT a characteristic of resident flora? Are not firmly attached to the skin
What type of hand washing agent usually has 4 percent isopropyl alcohol in a sudsy base? Chlorhexidine Gluconate
When the HM is preparing for a surgical case, what is the maximum length of the fingernail? No longer than the tips of the fingers
What type of gloves are the highest quality and best fitting? Sterile gloves
Where can clinical apparel be worn? In the MTF/DTF only
True or False: Protective eyewear must have solid splash shields to provide maximum protection. True
Name a Transmission-based Precaution... 1. Airborne 2. Droplet 3. Contact
What type of mask should be worn when in contact with a patient diagnosed with Tuberculosis? N95 respirator
What Transmission-based Precaution requires a negative air pressure room? Airborne
What does the acronym MRSA stand for? Methicilin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
What personal protective equipment item is not necessarily worn while treating a patient under Contact Precautions? Mask
What Transmission-based Precaution requires limited transport EXCEPT for essential purposes? Airborne
What are daily measures taken to control the spread of pathogenic organisms? Concurrent Disinfection
In a DTR, at the beginning of the day, the unit water lines and hoses should be flushed for how long? 1 minute
For equipment that is difficult to clean, what should be done before using it on a patient? A sterile or clean drape
To perform hand piece maintenance on dental hand pieces the HM should remove hand pieces, lubricate, and then run them for how long? 30 seconds
Which one of these choices should be placed in a Biohazardous waste receptacle? Used I.V. catheter
While in the process of doing a minor procedure the HM’s glove is punctured by a suture and it breaks the skin, should the HM report it to occupational health? Yes, any puncture injury with possible contaminated fluid should be reported
Needles, scalpels and sutures should be disposed of in what container? Rigid, puncture resistant, red container with a biohazard symbol
Bed linens, towels, smocks, trousers, and other protective attire are classified as what? Ordinary laundry
What is the term used to describe the sterilization, storage and handling of articles to keep them free of pathogenic organisms? Surgical aseptic technique
What gear must be worn to enter a surgical suite? 1. Scrubs 2. Hair cover 3. Mask
If a sterile item’s sterility is in question the HM should_____. Not use it if there is any question about the sterility
If the surgeon asks for a specific kind of suture in the middle of a surgical case, who should retrieve it? The circulator
While gowning the surgeon who is responsible for tying the gown? Circulator
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